Included in the Price

Sydney Smith Tea Quote

Us Hemborg’s love tea, just love love it drink it all the live long day.

Do you know what we also love, free things or included in the price.

You know how when you go to hotels and they have little shampoo bottles and shower caps which are nice but how many shower caps does one person need right. Well when they also have individually wrapped tea bags sitting there all nice, now that is hitting the jackpot.

With my family visiting and then our trip to England we managed to amass 95 tea bags!

free tea bags

The great thing is that is like a mega assortment pack too. Now we can try kinds we would never buy usually, now Mr. H has a love for chamomile, and it is so fun to have all these options!

Some have already gone like darjeeling and just one blackcurrant left but that is fine since we still have tons left and they just taste extra good with being free!

O and since we bought some too since it was cheaper than in Sweden so we have tea for ages!


14 thoughts on “Included in the Price

  1. 95?? That is rather epic, and very very ironic. They aren’t known as a nation of tea drinkers for nothing…

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