Solo Eating

solo eating


The other day I sent this Buzzfeed article 29 Things Married People Do When Their Spouse Is Out Of Town and asked him what he thinks I do from the list when he is gone.

He responded eating out of bowls for sure, well when I sent him the link I was eating leftover green bean casserole out of a bowl!

It got me thinking though that without meaning to I eat vastly different when I am home alone then when Mr. H is home.

1. I eat most of the meals on the couch, when we are home together we only ever eat on the couch when we are sick or hungover. When I am home alone though the table just seems so big and the couch is so comfy, especially smack dab in the middle!

2. I watch TV when I eat, with Netflix every show is just waiting for me to start it so I can sit back on the couch and have a multi sensory eating experience! When Mr. H is home we try to keep the TV off and talk, it works about 90% of the time unless you guessed it we are hungover!

3. I play the crazy food mashup game.  In the picture above I am eating  lettuce, carrots, shredded cheese, salsa, graddfil, then cut up and reheated black bean enchilada because you know just reheating the enchilada and eating it off a plate would be so boring!

5. I will sometimes just eat leftovers cold out of the container they were stored in the fridge in, it saves me washing additional dishes and is faster.

6. Number 5 mostly happens though because I will get caught up in what I am doing around the house, ie watching TV and looking at stuff online, and then realize it has been hours and hours since I last ate and am past hungry into hangry territory.

So what about you do you eat different when you are home alone?


16 thoughts on “Solo Eating

  1. When I leave my husband to eat on his own, he doesn’t heat food up just eats it cold from the fridge. His worst habit? Shaking vinegar onto bread and eating it over the kitchen sink… I’m more of a naughty eater when on my own, a bad habit I need to shake.

  2. I definitely do number 5. And number 6 – forgetting to eat.
    That said, Mr Tide and I are equally bad when we want to be. Occasionally we stand in front of the fridge and just eat what we see without plating up or even closing the fridge door. Lazy!

    • I used to make myself American style sandwiches when I was home alone all the time and then was like but the Swedish style of only one piece of bread is so much easier!

  3. OMG, we are the same person :) I totally do all of these things too when I eat solo at home! In fact, I just spent the weekend scrounging around for food when my husband was out of town. I definitely ate out of a bowl the whole time!

  4. I’m not as worried about having a “set meal” if it is just me. I will eat leftovers, cheese and crackers, popcorn, whatever instead of going through trying to cook just for me. I’m also much more likely to just get takeout.

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