Sunday Currently – Easy Breezy Days

dandelion fredrik

Reading: I am about 90% done with The Cat Who Went Into The Closet by Lilian Jackson Braun, this is the 7th book of the series I have read this year. They are such easy light-hearted books even if a few people die in each one and I love curling up with one on the couch with a mug of tea.

Writing: Schedules, Mr. H has a busy few weeks coming up and I like to have the finer points detailed out like what exactly we are doing for my birthday!

Listening: The to Garden State Soundtrack, it is drizzle outside and the music is just the perfect foil for the weather and a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Smelling: Coffee, mine never turns out quite as good as when Mr. H makes it but a huge mug of it on Sunday morning is always just right.

Wishing: That we have one hot day when Mr. H is not working so we can go and swim in the community pool.

Hoping: The busses are on schedule today so Mr. H will get home easily and we can have fika before dinner tonight.

Wearing: My usual uniform of old navy jogging pants and tanks tops, I thought about putting on a skirt this morning but my feet were cold and socks and skirts just look silly!

Loving: How quiet the building is, most students either move out or go home for the summer so I was not woken up once this weekend by drunk students coming home in the middle of the night!

Wanting: The mustard yellow sweater I saw at H&M the other day, it was on sale though so I am sure it is gone by now.

Needing: To finish my July embroidery, June went by faster than I realized and I will be a busy stitcher today.

Feeling: Happy with myself, this week I managed to get back into the swing of working out and do 5 workouts including lunges which used to be my nemesis.

Watching: Last night I was feeling bored of the shows I am watching so randomly put on Frasier. It transported me back to my grandparents kitchen where they have a little TV in front of the table and there was always the most popular show on.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Easy Breezy Days

  1. Oh man, I have not thought about Frasier in so long. That definitely reminds me of my (serious) dad who laughed so hard. Happy remaining weekend!

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