The Sights of Oxford


As part of our summer trip we spent two nights in Oxford which could have honestly been a week. We were all excited to see the city but had no idea we would all fall in love with it like we did.

The city was full of beautiful buildings, friendly people, and interesting sights and attractions.

The best sight we visited was Oxford Castle Unlocked, I did not come across it when I was researching for our trip but when we stumbled across it on our first day of exploring the city we knew we had to go back the next day.

oxford castle unlocked

The Oxford Castle Unlocked is a multi sensory experience that involves a tour through an ancient castle turned prison with a tour guide that is dressed up and playing a role of someone who was actually imprisoned.

You hear some very creepy stories as well as some great history, if you love an experience that really makes history come alive I highly suggest visiting.

At the end there is a museum with interactive attractions and dress up stations which is what Mr. H is doing up there!


The second museum we visited was the Ashmolean. This museum had a little something for everyone, our group of 5 split up and when we reconvened for tea and cakes everyone had seen something different.

I really enjoyed the exhibit I am in above which was about money, they had unique coins as well as interactive exhibits like I am playing with. This is a game was really fun, a bit like shuffleboard, and I really wish I had one of my own.

One thing to note was that some rooms were temperature controlled for preservation but were quite warm and uncomfortable so wear layers when you visit!

walking and looking

The rest of our time in Oxford was spent either eating or just strolling around and appreciating the sights.

The city was just full of interesting little things like this hill which had a version of my name incorporated into it so we had to take a picture!

We also managed to do a bit of shopping which resulted in some really fun souvenirs: two sweaters and a notebook covered in Scrabble tiles!

We also found a street with the same name as Mr. H’s best friends nickname that had us laughing for ages!

If you are planning a trip to England or are close I highly suggest checking out Oxford as I for one cannot wait to get back!

14 thoughts on “The Sights of Oxford

  1. An interactive museum sounds really cool! You guys sound like you had an awesome time. P and I like to buy more everyday things (like a purse or clothes) as souvenirs of trips too. The notebooks sounds perfect for you games!

  2. My visit to Oxford was mainly looking for Harry Potter sets and Tolkien/Inklings-related buildings! I loved Christ College and the Eagle & Child pub. I went to a really odd/wonderful museum too, can’t remember what it was called now! Looks like you had a fun day out!

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