Meals of the Week – Easy Mashed Black Beans

With Mr. H starting work my meal planning follows his schedule rather than the regular Monday to Sunday I usually do so we can grocery shop together. I know some people hate to grocery shop but it has always been one of our things. We love to tackle the list while strolling around the store and talking. One other thing though is there is no way one of us could carry home all the groceries up hill alone but even when we had a car we went together.

Tuesday – Pork Paprikash

Wednesday – Chicken, Green Bean Casserole, and Rice Pilaf

Thursday – Easy and Classic Tacos – You know seasoned mince, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and grädfill

Friday – Veggie Potato Bake and Meatballs – mixing up the linked recipe a bit with doing meatballs instead of adding the mince to the bake

Saturday – Chicken Broccoli Calzone – this is my new meal of the week

Sunday – Salladost Enchiladas

Monday – Chicken Strips and French Fries with Honey Dipping Sauce


easy mashed black beans

I love all sorts of beans but my favorite are refried pinto beans. Sweden though has a severe lack of easily accessible pinto beans  so these easy mashed black beans have become my go to bean recipe. This recipe makes two servings like the one pictured above which is the perfect side dish size, it also would work for putting on nachos or in a Mexican themed dip or casserole.


1 carton black beans

1/2 onion

2-3 garlic cloves

1 /2 cup salsa

heavy sprinkling of cumin, coriander, and chili powder



What to Do:

In a small pan brown the onion almost till caramelization along with the smashed garlic cloves

Half way through cooking the onion add in the seasonings and stir as they get fragrant and incorporate with the onion and garlic

Add in beans with liquid from carton

Once simmering add in salsa then let simmer till the liquid is thickened – about 10 minutes – stirring occasionally

Transfer mixture to a bowl and mash using an immersion blender – time will depend on how smooth you want them

Stir in a small handful of shredded cheese and taste for any seasoning adjustment

Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche or the like and chives


5 thoughts on “Meals of the Week – Easy Mashed Black Beans

  1. Looks good…I think black beans are healthier too (I don’t know for sure) :) P and I always go grocery shopping together, even though we don’t have to. One of my friends says it drives her crazy to go with her husband…to each their own :) Even if I don’t go P calls me like 3 times.

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