The Blogger Without a Smart Phone


When we moved to Sweden my sister in law gave me her old phone since she had a new iphone. At the time I was so happy to save the money on a phone so I gratefully took her old one. Now the phone is at least 5 years old and my love for it has waned ages ago.

The thing is though that with not working and not knowing many people where we live this old phone suits me fine. We do pay as you go and so far this year I think have spent maybe $30 on time which is wonderful.

Well it has been wonderful until we got to England. I was so happy to have some dates scheduled with a few bloggers and thought I had it all planned out.

However once we were out of the hotel I was internetless and know what meeting up with people in 2014 means you need internet.

I had brought my ipad but there was no way I was carting around that dinosaur and you since not all hotels had free wifi I felt like such a bad blogger.

I could not reply in a timely manner and since I got sick I had to cancel some plans as who wants to meet up with someone for the first time that is coughing non stop!

Hopefully in July Mr. H will get a new phone and I will inherit his old iphone so I can be a cool(ish) blogger!

Also if you can meet up with some bloggers you should as it was amazing!


9 thoughts on “The Blogger Without a Smart Phone

  1. I honestly don’t know how I managed without a smart phone before – you’re totally right, we rely on the internet for everything. In Moscow I was without a smart phone and my students all thought I lived in the Stone Age!

    It’s such a shame you missed out on meeting bloggers – I was disappointed not to meet with you too – but I’m sure there will be other opportunities xx

  2. I was saddened not to meet up but I totally understand why it was hard to coordinate, plus you getting ill. (Getting sick on your vacation is the worst :( ) I never had a smartphone in America and only got my first one in England in the fall of 2011. I can’t believe I ever found any address before. Gone are the days of mapquesting directions and then carrying around that stupid piece of paper that would most likely be wrong! x

  3. I have the world’s first smartphone, I think and it hardly works, but at least I can kind of use the internet to figure out where I’m going. You, my dear, are so old school. Very brave!

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