Wishing, Hoping, and Planning

weekly wishes june 2014

With Mr. H working full time this summer I have way more alone time than I normally do. I feel like I should take this time to be productive beyond watching episode after episode of shows on Netflix and the great thing about a blog is it helps keep you accountable to plans!

These are some things that I am wishing, hoping and planning to do this summer:

1. Wash makeup brushes  7/7

2. Wash cloth ipad cover  6/25

3. Paint my nails once a week

4. Read at least one book a week

5. Mail my brother a list of songs I think he will love

6. Mail my other brother a list of books I think he will love

7. Workout 5 times a week

8. Blog at least 4 times a week

9. Embroider July and August’s patterns

10. Try out one new recipe a week

11. Learn a new card game

12. Record at least two vlogs

13. Lastly follow myself and do what makes me happy and one day if it means watch tons of TV do it!

I am sure I will think of a few more things but this should keep my busy alongside doing normal chores and life things!

The Nectar Collective

12 thoughts on “Wishing, Hoping, and Planning

  1. Wash your make up brushes! Those babies should be washed AT LEAST once every two weeks so they won’t go bad as quickly. Good luck with the rest of your wishes for the summer!

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