Sunday Currently – No More Sun

swedish summer sun

Want to guess when the above picture was taken?

Did you guess?

Did you guess like 8 AM?

Well it was 1:45 AM!!!

Yeah this whole sun all day thing is getting old, which is why I have loved all the rain this weekend while it still does not make it dark at least it is not sunny.

Reading: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, I have been wanting to read this book for ages but the library was not getting it or where any stores here. When we were in London we went into a Waterstones and there it was on the shelf and I just might have jumped up and down!

Writing: Vacation plans, I know we just got back but we are trying to decide if we want to do something at the end of August too!

Listening: This week I have listened to the new First Aid Kit album quite a few times and plan on playing it non stop when Mr. H goes to work tomorrow!

Thinking: Weekends are wonderful, this is one of the few real weekends Mr. H has this summer and it was been so fun to relax and have lazy breakfasts together like a weekend should have.

Smelling: Jolly Ranchers, my grandparents brought a giant bag of them and Mr. H has been eating them non-stop I am sure he is one away from a giant canker sore.

Wishing: For my birthday to get here soon since I think Mr. H is getting me an exciting present!

Hoping: For an easy second week at the hospital for Mr. H, this week was full of new things and an easier week would be ok for everyone I think.

Wearing: New Old Navy pants!!!!!! My grandma could not stand that I was wearing the same Old Navy pants over and over and brought me five new pairs, today I am in grey and peach!

Loving: Wildflowers, when we came back from England the spare patches of dirt had been covered in blooming wildflowers. Once it is not raining I plan on going and taking some pictures.

Wanting: To eat ice cream in bed, I think tonight after I workout I am going to sit in bed and watch Eureka and eat ice cream.

Needing: To make a list of things I want to do, I have tons of random things that need to be hand washed like my makeup brushes but I always forget when I have the time to get them done.

Feeling: Rejuvenated, I kicked the cold I got on vacation and the house is clean!

Watching: Eureka, while not as good as Fringe it is a fun show to watch and I think once I finish I will start Warehouse 13 since they are related.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – No More Sun

  1. It’s so cool having day light around the clock! Even though it makes sleeping difficult.
    Shift work is a bitch sometimes, I know how rare real weekends can be. I’m glad you enjoyed yours!

  2. I’m also really happy on rainy days. After so many early mornings of sunlight waking me up, it’s a nice little break!

  3. That amount of sunshine is insane! Aren’t grandmas the best at fixing what they perceive to be problems? I can be sure that if my gran thinks I need something practical, she’ll make sure I get it :)

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