The A’s to your Q’s

Whilst I was on vacation I was lucky enough to be given Liebster Awards by two of my guest bloggers! It was great timing as what better way to get back into the swing of blogging than answering questions. Well honestly I love answering questions, when I was kid and you would have to fill out paper applications for things I would always take them from places like the bank and pretend fill them out for fun!

q & a asl

One other thing you are supposed to do with a Liebster is give some facts but I have done that before so today I am sharing one that goes with the picture above. In high school we had to take a foreign language and I took American Sign Language, it counted as the grammar structure is different from English. I loved it and at my peak I could have pretty good conversation with it and was even able to help a few customers when I worked retail which felt great. Now though it is pretty limited in what I remember but sometimes when I am feeling anxious or nervous, like on bad flight I will go through the alphabet!

The first 11 questions are from Mariah and the second 11 are from Jade!

  1. If you could go back and change one decision in your life, what would it be? I would never stop working out! When I was 20 I lived at home and used my moms exercise equipment all the time and then when I moved out just stopped for some silly reason!
  2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten while traveling? Hmmmm well this past trip to England I tried kidneys and while Mr. H loved them one bite was enough for me!
  3. If you won a 100 million dollars, what would you do tomorrow? Make us student loan free! They are nothing I feel bad for since they are for education and not silly things but it would be great to not have any!
  4. How do you order your steak? Rare!!!! I like it bloody!
  5. If you could magical change one thing about society, what would it be? That just because someone gets married they are not constantly asked when they are going to have kids.
  6. What is one of your personal strengths? (no, this not a job interview…it only sounds like one) I am honest, most of my friends and family always say I am the best person to take shopping since I am so honest and if I say you look good in something and should buy it you really should and will be happy!
  7. How much is too much for a pair of shoes? I think it varies on type of shoe because I would not spend more than $20 on sandals but a good pair of winter boots I would spend $200 easily!
  8. I wish _______ I knew where we were going to live when Mr. H is done with school.
  9. If money or time was no object, what is one goal you would start working on immediately? Going back to school, but that would mean picking something so maybe not that!
  10. Key lime pie, chocolate cake, creme brulee or fruit cobbler with ice cream are your dessert choices, which one do you pick? Chocolate cake for sure, I mean creme brulee always sounds good but it is never as satisfying as a real good piece of chocolate cake.
  11. If I came to visit you, what would we do? Since I live in the middle of nowhere I think the best thing to do is get tons of food from the grocery store, a box of wine, and have a picnic out on the lawn and enjoy the long summer night. If it was winter though then we would have a snowball fight!
  12. What is your favourite city in the world & why? London because I have so many memories tied to the city and it was where I really found my independence and self.
  13. What has been your favourite moment in life so far? Graduating from university, I wrote about it here but that moment was amazing and really gave me a push of knowing I could do whatever I set out to do from then on.
  14. If you could have a personal chef for one night, what would be your dream menu? At first I was thinking something that takes a long time or with tons of steps but then I thought sushi! Imagine having someone making the sushi that you love right there just for you, that sounds pretty kick ass!
  15. If you could live anywhere in the world, what country would you choose? I would choose the UK, they speak English and I always feel at home when I visit.
  16. Beach or mountains? Can I have a place that is cliffs with a beach at the bottom? I like a rocky coast beach with trees right up at the edge like in northern California.
  17. Do you work or go to school? Tell us a little bit more about what you do between 9 & 5. I stay at home so each day is a bit different but usually includes cleaning the house, doing dishes, blogging, reading and crafts.
  18. What’s your favourite movie? Holy cannoli that is hard to answer! Wizard of Oz has been a constant source of entertainment and comfort since I was a kid, I watched the VHS copy I had till it fell apart and now have it on DVD.
  19. Do you have any big plans for the rest of 2014? We are lucky enough to be going to California for Christmas and I am planning all sorts of holiday things for it one being going to Christmas Eve mass at the school I went to!
  20. If you could swap genders for the day, what would you do? Be totally freaked out!!!! I know for sure though I would not use any public restrooms as that would just be too many you know whats!!!!
  21. Have you ever had a really bad travel experience? So many that it is hard to pick just one and of course many of them include hostels because those places are equal parts wonderful and terrible. Once when we were staying at hostel in Cardiff which we nicknamed the Damon hostel we were staying in a five person room and one of the people brought back what we could only assume was a hooker and proceeded to use her services while we were still awake!
  22. What’s your biggest #firstworldproblem at the moment? That tomorrow is Midsommar and the weather is crappy, it is a really big holiday in Sweden and I would love to sit outside and enjoy our drinks but it does not seem that is going to happen.

14 thoughts on “The A’s to your Q’s

  1. The weather has been so terrible here as well! That is a really terrible travel experience I don’t know what I would do! And having someone make the sushi that I love right in front of me sounds pretty amazing!

  2. Thanks for answering Bailie!! I have never had kidney. A picnic sounds lovely…trust me I’m not visiting in winter…burrr! Great way to order a steak…I usually go for rare to med rare! Hope the weather improves soon!

  3. Hi Bailie, I just found your blog because I am going to Sweden in October and was looking for ex-pat blogs (I am American). Your story is amazing. I too have an affinity for London and tried to spend a lot of time during my college years visiting and studying/working there (through BUNAC too). (Lived in Kensington too, and I know exactly where the Builders Arms is–would often pass it trying to cut through from Gloucester Road to Kensington High Street.) :)
    I love that you are such a positive person and not afraid to travel and live your dreams. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Big hug to you!

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