Sunday Roast at The Builder’s Arms

Lamb Roast Builder's Arms

One thing that Mr. H really wanted to do while we were in England was go to a pub for Sunday Roast. I searched around an area that I was familiar with and found a really great place, The Builder’s Arms, on a quiet residential street in South Kensington.

pal and grandma at pub

It was great to get away from the busy hustle and bustle and relax with some drinks and soak up the scene.

We went for vodka tonics, bloody marys, wine, beer, and ciders! Our food took a bit but the drinks were generous and it was really a relaxed Sunday crowd so we did not mind.

Fredrik at pub

I was happy to have found a place that suited everyone and I swear I am still dreaming of those peas and yorkshire pudding!

If you are around London I highly suggest checking out this pub but since I am far away I will just have to try and recreate it!

family in front of Builders Arms


10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast at The Builder’s Arms

  1. Sunday Roast is a must. It’s always the first meal I have when I arrive in the UK! Will try to remember to check out the Builder’s Arms next time we’re in London.

  2. That looks SOOOOOOOO good!!!! My husband and I were just talking about the fact that we’d not gone for a nice roast in forever. I’m gonna have to get some in the next couple of weeks because my craving just went up a notch!

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