3 Things That Other People Like That I Do Not – Amanda’s Favorite Post

The Lady Okie

Are you ready to laugh, well you should be as today Amanda is sharing us one of her favorite posts which is hilarious! If you are looking for a blogger with a fresh and cheerful perspective with posts that will crack you up then I highly suggest you check out The Lady Okie!


1. Coffee

I do not like coffee. I know. I’m a freak. Sometimes wish I did because then when I said “let’s meet for coffee” I could actually drink coffee. Plus it usually smells good and it’s a really easy gift.

I hear it’s an acquired taste, which leads me to believe I could like it if I tried it and/or loaded it down with enough sugar and cream, but that honestly just sounds like too much work, so I’ll stick with my tea, thankyouverymuch.


2. Wine

You guys, I want to like wine SO BAD. You all look so mysterious and fashionable, swirling your wine and drinking out of one of those long-stemmed glasses. I hear people mention the luxuriousness of going home to a glass of wine and a bubble bath, but I just don’t get it. I use white wine for cooking, and that’s about it. Occasionally I’ll drink half a glass of sweet wine, but the dry stuff? No thank you.


Speaking of bubble baths…

3. Bubble Baths

I cannot describe with human words how much I hate baths. Hate is a strong word, and yet it’s true. I hate everything about them.

First of all, you spend an hour filling up the bathtub, by which time the water is cold. And if it’s not cold yet, it will be five minutes after you get in. And then even IF it says hot and you manage to not get soap in your eye, what are you doing?


You’re lying in a tub filled with rapidly-cooling water.

Eye level with the toilet, which, by the way, probably needs to be cleaned.

Someone explain the desire to take a bath, because I don’t get it.


8 thoughts on “3 Things That Other People Like That I Do Not – Amanda’s Favorite Post

  1. An hour filling the tub?! No! Less than 5 minutes in my house!

    I love that joke about fruit salad for dinner! What is your drink of choice?

  2. If you’re starting a club, count me in as I agree with all three! I love the smell of coffee, but I’d have to add a ton of milk and sugar to make the taste bearable. Also, the only wine I drink is the one that tastes like juice =)

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