Sunday Currently – Cool Rainy Days

rainy day

After a run of hot and humid days I am happy for a rainy Sunday. This week is all about preparing things for when my family comes next weekend. I cannot believe it is already time for them to be here and am just a little hyped up!

Reading: I am seriously reading The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side by Agatha Christie and seriously staring at the Kurt Vonnegut Jr book sitting on the side table telling myself I am going to start it. I was really excited when I checked it out of the library but have not been able to relate that excitement into reading for some reason.

Writing: Plans of all sorts, I am trying to be organized about so many things like our trip and blogging but am going a bit slowly. I did try hootsuite so I can schedule some tweets for posts when I am gone which made me feel like I know what I am doing.

Listening: To thunder, well not at the moment but last night we had a few hours of thunder and lightening which made me ever so happy!

Thinking: That my family is great, I Skyped last night with my parents and brothers and found out they recently adopted a stray cat. Growing up we always had dogs and various reptiles and no cats as I am mega allergic but the other night my dad was in the garage and a cat that was super skinny and sad looking came in to say hi and by the time my mom got home for a play my dad had cleaned it up and fed it!

Smelling: Spring, the mixture of newly budded leaves and rain is such a special and unique smell I never knew as a child.

Wishing: For the week to go fast and smoothly so I can see my family!!

Hoping: For easy travels, my grandpa is not a huge fan of flying so I hope for him the flight is as smooth as can be!

Wearing: If you can believe it I am wearing jeans and not the usual Old Navy workout pants! I have to go do laundry in a bit and with it raining I figured jeans would be the smart option for going outside.

Loving: Toast! We usually change what bread we buy each week and this week was fiber toast and man o man is it good with a bit of margarine and cheese!

Needing: To be focused and collected, I can tend to get a bit high strung and screechy when exciting things are going to happen. This week though I want to try and avoid that and be focused on what I need to get done and do it in a nice cool, calm, and collected way!

Feeling: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep that basically says it all.

Watching: Well I finished Fringe and was so sad that it was over and then tried a few different shows and have settled on Eureka, similar to Fringe in the wacky stuff but a bit more lighthearted!

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Cool Rainy Days

  1. I am so crazy excited for you! I always daydream about having my family, or some of my friends from back home come to visit so I can show off my new home, but no luck yet. Enjoy your visitors!!

  2. So excited for you that you get to spend some time with your family and jealous you are off to England too :) I’m sure the week will fly by! It is kind of nice for it to rain when you need to take care of things around the house.

  3. I LOVE rainy days. It’s actually raining here too today. I might try to do like you and grab a book off of my to-read list (when baby is sleeping…hehe)

    Have a great week!

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