Bottle Cap Collection

bottle caps

A few years ago Mr. H and I bought a wine carafe from IKEA so when we had box wine we could feel fancy, that was short lived however as it was just one too many steps to getting the wine into our glasses.

Instead we started filling it with bottle caps, the plan was to put one cap in for each unique beer as a little memory chest sort of thing.

This last weekend it reached its limit and I thought that perhaps it was filled with more than one for each beer so we dumped it out and sorted through the caps.

aerial view of bottle caps

guess which side I was organizing

It was really fun sorting through them and remembering when we had some of the more special ones and trying to guess what some of the more cryptic ones were. It was also fun to see how some breweries put so much thought into the cap, I really liked the Orval one and the Lagunitas ones.

Final Count Bottle Caps

This was the pile we were left with after taking out duplicates and blank caps. It does not look like much but it amounts to 79 unique beers! We also now have tons of room for new beers!

Photo on 5-22-14 at 12.54 PM #2

How long do you think it will take us to fill it back up?

11 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Collection

  1. You seem to have an odd collection of things… scrabble scores, bottle caps, anything else? :) It’s such a colourful bottle of caps, and certainly fun to look through!

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