Living is Authentic

In 2010 Mr. H and I went to visit a childhood friend of mine and see a bit of Northern California. The whole time we were there my friends girlfriend kept commenting on how authentic or unauthentic things were, from the Greek restaurant, the Irish pub, and bagel place, and telling us how you could really tell.

The whole time we politely listened and nodded our heads, never once mentioning that out of the three of us she had never been to Greece or Ireland and we had, but the minute we got in the car to drive home we could not stop talking about how crazy she was for this ideal of authenticity.

Even now four years after that trip it is still a joke between Mr. H and I and we will say things to each other like about how authentic our Swedish cheese is since we bought it in Sweden and then laugh and laugh.

Nowadays though authenticity seems to be a huge deal. When you travel you have to make sure to have an authentic (country/place you are in) experience and really every action you are to take is meant to be authentic and on and on.


The thing is I think that no matter what you do you are doing it authentically.

You go and make your choices based on what you like and want to do.

So what if 10 other people are wearing the same thing or your favorite restaurant is a chain.

If you like it and makes you happy that is living your life authentically.

Being true to you is being authentic.


16 thoughts on “Living is Authentic

  1. Certainly, to each their own. My thing is I hate for people to just visit chains because they aren’t experiencing anything new, but at the same time I like new/variety and other people don’t :) I worked in a coffee shop all through undergrad and we had regulars that came in every single day and got the exact same thing…never changed it up and that made them happy. For me that would be torture :)

    • Yes, what I wanted to convey was that people should not feel bad if chains are their thing or if going to a new place is it should just be about what feels right to you!

  2. Haha that’s funny about your friend. I find myself—often—getting annoyed when people talk about “authentic” Italian food. Um, no…that chicken parmesan and your deep crust, greasy pizza is not anywhere near “authentic.”

  3. “Being true to you is being authentic” – that is the best line in the blog! I think we all can get in the rut of worrying about what others think, or what others think we should think and so on.

  4. yes! its funny how people can build such strong opinions on things they don’t really know about. always fun to have the inside jokes come out of those experiences though!

  5. So true! Why let something trivial ruin the joy of it? I have no clue if the greek restaurant here is authentic or not, since I’ve never been to Greece, but I enjoy it there anyway :)

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