In Response

Do you ever have a really good plan to respond to blog comments and then they all add up and you are like where to start and then just turn of the computer and hide?

I do and as I was going to respond today I thought well all these comments are so awesome maybe I will just do a roundup post and share with everyone and also say thank you so much for taking the time to comment as they really are the best emails to receive!

comment love

1. Meals on Monday – My Favorite Pan – Everyone agreed that a favorite pan is wonderful and made me feel less lame for almost crying about getting rid of it!!!

Dee also said she has always wanted to try gumbo and I know that my recipe is less than authentic but if anyone has a good recipe for her I am sure she would love to see it!

2. I Like My Things and They Are Not Going Anywhere – I was so surprised on the support for this post. It really reminded me that the internet is full of wonderful people all sharing their own point of view but also that sharing your own thoughts and stories is a really valuable gift to have.

Sarah made me laugh with her comment “So you won’t be moving into a “tiny house” and going “off the grid” any time soon? Me neither! This is the exact reason why I could never be a Buddhist- I get so attached to my material things :)”

3. Disclaimer Free Blogging – Now this post made me a bit nervous once I hit publish but yet again the response was so wonderful! When Mr. H came home that day I was actually gushing about what a great place the blogging world is and how I felt so happy!

Carrie’s comment really struck a cord with me and is something I think many bloggers struggle with when doing an all feelings out honest post “It’s the permanence that gets me. Once it’s posted I can’t take it back and then I feel like I’m somehow not allowed to change my mind. It’ll always come back to that “one post” where I say “xyz”. But pish-posh, of course we’re allow to change our minds and I DON’T think your posts define you!”

4. Back to Normal and Popsicles – I loved that others could relate to the trauma of having your mother do your hair as a kid, I will admit I always wondered as a kid if my mom was just really mean in that way and it was some sort of secret punishment!

I think Jade really hit the nail on the head “Oh God, you’ve just brought back painful memories of my mother putting rags in my hair before school photo day so my horridly thick hair would curl. Awful!!

5. Goals Not Clothes – Can I first say that me giving out workout advice is totally crazy to me! Funnily enough after posting the post I started to feel sick and ended up not working out and thought of a follow up post!

Thanks again everyone for your kind words and discussion via the comment section!

I usually comment via the built in wordpress system as with a free blog they do not allow you to use anything fancy like Disqus and I hope you have been seeing my replies and will be looking out for them in the future!


7 thoughts on “In Response

  1. Oh yes. I am so incredibly thankful for every single comment and I love engaging in conversation, but sometimes it takes a LOT longer than I’d like to respond! And there are weeks when life happens, and things build up, and all of the sudden there are a few posts’ worth to reply to. I like how you highlighted some particularly good comments here and shared your response so everyone could read it!

  2. Comments are the best! :) I have really been struggling this week to play catch-up from our vacation, I feel so behind! It would be helpful too if I was better organized and had posts written but nope. I struggle sometimes between writing new posts or catching up from my previous ones :)

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