Goals not Clothes and Other Workout Motivation

Any person that is trying to workout more, get healthy, eat better, etc will vacillate between being so excited they want to tell everyone they see and just wanting to sit on the couch and eat ice cream. I sometimes do this cycle twice in 24 hours but over the course of the past few months I have found some sources of motivation that will maybe help you too!

workout motivation post

1. Goals not Clothes – I have found if I say to myself I cannot wait to fit into clothing item x I always feel let down. See to find out if that clothing item x finally fits you have to try it on and if it does not fit the way you imagined it would you it is such a let down and a great way to spiral into doubts and why do I even bother thoughts. Goals of working out x times a week or being able to do 5 push ups in a row will make you feel good with no let down and keep you working out.

2. Rewards – I have talked about this before but honestly giving yourself a goal with a reward at the end is a great way to keep going and feeling positive about yourself.

3. Start small – My first few goals I set with short sights so have a more immediate gratification and have slowly extended them over time. If you are just starting out you will most likely lose motivation if your first goal is a big physical feat or months in the future. Instead set weekly and then monthly and then long term goals that will keep you going and once again feeling positive about yourself.

4. Have a cheerleader – Eating healthy and working out is a hard journey to start and having a person to encourage you makes all the difference. No matter if it is your partner, coworker, or Twitter friend you find someone that after each workout will say way to go and encourage you to eat the apple instead of the chocolate bar in a nice way will keep you motivated. Some people like me need a more long suffering cheerleader as I have been known to say to Mr. H ” I know I already asked 5 times today but I do look better right”! If you need someone though just let me know and I will cheerlead you!

5. Visual reminders – I have also talked about this before but seeing those little star stickers on the calendar is a visual reminder of the work I have put in and makes me want to add more. Mr. H also has his own stickers for the calendar and just last night he ended up working out at 10:30 PM because he went to see what was in the fridge and realized over the last weeks he has dropped from 5x to 3x a week, without that visual reminder though he would have just got something to eat and sat on the couch.

6. Remember you are beautiful and unique – Sometimes when you are looking at workouts online, or I imagine at the gym I do not go to one, it is so easy to start comparing and thinking I will never look like that so why try. The thing to remember though is you are working out and eating healthy for you to be the best you not to be the best them. Whatever you do you are helping yourself in the long and short run and we are all different. I know no matter what I do I am going to have some booty and hips action going on, that is my body shape and makes me beautiful and whatever yours is makes you beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Goals not Clothes and Other Workout Motivation

  1. These are such great tips! I love the first one, so true. Focusing on yourself and how you feel is the way to go. What a motivational post for a Monday:)

  2. I just told P last week that I need some kind of reward system for getting into an exercise routine. Having a reward or something to be competitive about helps me. I have to remind him we need to think of something we can do :)

  3. Great advice. Those are the type of motivators that will keep me going when trying a new health regimen. Im actually slowly trying to get back to my pre baby weight so this is a great remimder to keep focused on what’s important. Thanks for sharing.

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