Sunday Currently – All Things Iced

iced coffee

I am a big fan of iced things tea, coffee, cream etc but on the whole Sweden seems to be a bit indifferent to the whole thing. Our grocery store does carry these small Starbucks ones and every once in awhile Mr. H comes home with one as a surprise for me. On Tuesday he went to the dentist to get a filling fixed and came home with this for me to have when we had breakfast!

Reading: I am almost done with Champion by Marie Lu which I started last week, normally I would be done by now but this week for some reason I have not been in the mood to read.

Writing: Little calendars, when I plan things out I need to see them on paper so I have been doing some up for our summer trip. Of course I got overly excited on my first one and wrote something on the wrong day and had to start all over.

Listening: To Gaslight Anthem, we love them so much and they are just the perfect band for sunny days and having fun.

Thinking: How many things I want to do in England vs the amount of time we have there is not compatible, maybe I will just not sleep the whole trip.

Smelling: Northern Lights, the brand of body wash I use has names like Midnight Sun and Northern Lights since it is a Swedish company and it always makes me smile.

Wishing: Bees did not exist, remember when I said I wanted to learn to like bugs and things well two bees flew into the kitchen yesterday and man o man were they angry and hard to kill.

Hoping: I can keep up my workout motivation with my family coming and vacation going, I love how I am feeling so I think I can but it will be a bit of a struggle.

Wearing: No jackets, yesterday we walked to town and I wore a tank top which was glorious. The pollen count however was also glorious so we had to take the bus home.

Loving: The trees being green, sometimes in the middle of winter you forget how wonderful green trees and grass really are!

Wanting: Pizza, that is basically the only thing that could make this day better.

Needing: Razors, buying razors is just the worst I mean why o why do they need to be so expensive???

Feeling: Sleepy, we stayed up till 1 last night watching The Office which was fun but I am feeling out of it now!

Watching: Fringe again!!!! I will finish the series this week and am super sad but am on the lookout for what I am going to start next.




6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – All Things Iced

    • I know what is so frustrating is that I used to be able to order them from and get 8 for the price of 4 here but they stopped shipping to Sweden for free!

  1. What a sweet Mr. H!! Small surprises like that are so nice! Why are most women’s products so expensive? This is why when dating I feel that men should pick up the tab…they have about half (or less) the personal grooming expenses woman do :) I like your new layout/design!

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