I Like My Things and They Are Not Going Anywhere


I have seen quite a few posts lately all extolling the virtues of purging your thing, living simply, and living on experiences not owing things. You know what though I like my things, want to keep them around, and do not think that it makes me a bad greedy person.

Sure we have about 15 regular mugs for two people but you know what I love each and every one of them. I love the ones from Starbucks we have bought on vacations, I love the Scrabble ones that I can use when we play, I love the ones we call ghost mugs since they are perfect for using at night due to their small size.

I love the purple glass bowl that Mr. H’s ex-girlfriend bought him years ago in a classic attempt to make his place more hers. She is long gone but that bowl makes the perfect size for an afternoon snack of chips.

I love all the variety I have when going to put on earrings and I am looking at the little rows of them. Sure they are mostly from Forever 21 and combined worth maybe $20 but they sure put a smile on my face.

The ugly skeleton thing Mr. H bought on a trip to Malta or Crete (ahh somewhere warm with beaches) cheers up the bookcase like nothing else.

And yes I know moving with stuff sucks, we have paid for things to be sent around the world but for me I need that sense of home through seeing the old and familiar.

On the days when Sweden still feels scary and odd I can look over and see china I know my family has used for generations and feel strengthened, like they are with me cheering me on.

Now with that being said I do not buy stuff just for the sake of buying things. For one that is just not how I am and for two we do not have the money for that so many of the things I have had for a long time or I have really thought about buying them.

Basically if you like your stuff as I do please feel free to keep it and relish in it and of course if living with two bowls and one pair of jeans make you all tingly do that too.

(Just leave me and my stuff in cozy happy peace)


13 thoughts on “I Like My Things and They Are Not Going Anywhere

  1. I really, really like this! Often I do feel bad for having so much stuff when everyone is trying to simplify. But you’re right: all my stuff has a story, and I love it. I DO have too much stuff in general, I think, and I could purge some of it. But honestly, I wear everything in my closet! Great post. Love this perspective.

  2. So you won’t be moving into a “tiny house” and going “off the grid” any time soon? Me neither! This is the exact reason why I could never be a Buddhist- I get so attached to my material things :)

  3. I love the things that I have too! I don’t have much so I really cherish the things that I do have from home! It makes them more special. Of course my most cherish possession is my childhood stuffed panda bear. It’ll ALWAYS live in my home. You’d have to pry him from my cold dead hands first :) x

  4. Yes, there definitely is a simplify or minimalist movement going on in the blogosphere — which I actually think is a good thing. But I also know that stuff means different things to different people… and I think as long as we love the stuff we have, then it doesn’t really matter.

    But I’ve started over a lot of times and to be honest, I’m tired of buying the same things over again, haha. So, I’m definitely not into purging right now at this stage (though I could get more organized!!). I also am the type of person to not using something for a couple of years and then rediscover it and I am like, “YAY! AWESOME!”

  5. I am so with you, B! I like having my stuff around me. I’ve never been ok with minimalism. I love having photos and trinkets of good times and good friends around me, especially since I have lots of good friends who live far away.

  6. I agree with this so much! (And I really laughed out loud over the purple bowl – that’s just awesome.)
    It’s not that you need “things” to be happy – but sometimes “things” can be around and increase the cheer of a place or provide comfort. It’s not necessary, but it’s nice.

  7. amen! I mean, there’s no need to be wasteful and you have to be responsible with your money, but I love having things to remind me of places and experiences. No matter where my home is, if I have pieces from other parts of my life there I feel anchored like you do.

  8. I love having familiar things and treasured memories with me in a move. Having to move every 2-3 years is hard if you can’t make a place feel like home in a hurry. That being said, I’m trying to weed out all the extra stuff so that I’m just left with the things that have stories, meaning, and function. Because somehow, the house always manages to collect a lot of just plain stuff, too! You sound like you’ve got a home full of memories and beautiful stories!

  9. I tried the minimalist approach and it felt so BORING! I like my cluttered living room, even if it’s not Pinterest perfect it’s got all of my favourite things & more. I had three boxes of crap sent over from Australia after a year of living here & I honestly will take them back with me along with everything I’ve accumulated here in London if I ever move back. It’s all about the memories!

  10. I get you. While out of necessity we got a rid of lots of things, we were so blessed that when we arrived here, we were given so much! I guess the way I look at things is to have open hands – so ready to receive things, but then not hold on too tightly so that I’m able to pass them on when I don’t need them or somebody else does, but also to appreciate what I do have. There are things that have memories attached to them and sentimental things that just make our home feel familiar and like home.

  11. I’m with you on this! While I love embracing our local culture, why leave out a piece of ourselves as well? For us when moving, I was careful to draw the line between practical and packrat and then go with it. If you love it and it clearly enriches your life, then why not?!

  12. I think it is ok to have cherished items :) I personally try not to have too much stuff, as I just don’t like dealing with it. With that said we still have too much :) There are definitely items that I do not want to ever have to part with. Your apartment sounds nice and cozy and I love that you can pick out pieces and say how they make you happy…I think that is a sign it is not just stuff :)

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