Meals on Monday – My Favorite Pan

Hello! Well we just got back from our shop and found some great deals like a pack of 21, why the odd number, hot dogs for 25 kr  ($3.80) which after dividing them up into freezer bags we now have four dinners set! I mean doing the math we will have dinner for two for about 1o kr ($1.50) including cost of buns and condiments!!

Jessica Lynn Writes
Monday – Easy Sausage Gumbo and Rice
Tuesday – Cheesey Kassler Pasta Bake
Wednesday – Chicken Curry with Rice
Thursday – Kassler, Corn, and Potato Chowder with Rolls
Friday – Chicken Fajitas
Saturday – Marinated Pork Loin with Potato Salad
Sunday – Smothered Burritos
Instead of a recipe this week I wanted to talk about pans. I had a pan that I loved and used at least 10 times a week, it was perfect for reheating things since we are microwave free and it had a lid so I could do rice pilaf, and it was from IKEA.
Yep a pretty basic pan from IKEA had my cooking heart close. Sure I am lucky enough to own a Le Creuset and loved it for stews and things but that non stick glass lidded pan from IKEA worked so good.
But with using it non stop and being only 149 kr it recently met its end. I was way more grumpy about the whole thing than I needed to be but my beloved pan was now in the trash.
For about a week each time I went to go cook I went to get out that pan and each time did a bit of a grumble and then lugged the Le Creuset or baking dishes out.
Know what though it made me start thinking about cooking in a new way, I had become so complacent using the same pan over and over that some things that I could be doing in a better way were not happening.
So while I still plan on replacing that pan soon I am happy using all my other cooking tools to keep things fresh.

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