Sunday Currently – Post Eurovision Blues

Photo on 5-9-14 at 3.34 PM

This picture has nothing to do with anything besides the fact it makes me happy!

So Sweden did not win Eurovision, major sad face, but we did have lots of fun making me a bit slow moving today!

Reading: I finished Prodigy by Marie Lu this morning, I actually refused to shower till I finished it ensuring me tons of late in bed time this morning which was much needed. I then started Champion this afternoon and am so glad I had it waiting as I am very anxious to find out what happens and am struggling to not jump ahead and peek!

Listening: To a 90’s playlist on Spotify, do you ever listen to the playlists they have ready made? They are really good sometimes and this 90’s one is all sorts of sentimental and happy for dinner cooking time.

Thinking: I do not get people who do not recycle, today when we went to throw away our glass bottle we found 15 krs worth of cans! We took it and did it with our other recycling and got a Powerade with the money. I was super happy and got the new passionfruit one which was great but Mr. H said it did not beat the blue one.

Smelling: Spaghetti sauce, I made a super easy one last week and Mr. H liked it so much I am making it again. I mean any meal where I do not have to chop a thing is ok with me!

Wishing: It was warm enough for a walk outside but alas it is all grey and cloudy so I will have to workout inside instead.

Hoping: The mystery thing my cousin said she sent me comes in the mail tomorrow. When we lived down south we got things much faster than up here in no mans land.

Wearing: My beloved Old Navy capri workout pants as nothing does comfort to a slightly hungover body than them.

Loving: That the days are just getting closer and closer to seeing family!

Wanting: Ice cream, I almost bought some today but was strong and walked past it.

Needing: To do some organizing, it is really uncanny how when you know family is coming to your house how you see all these things that need to be fixed all of a sudden! Like I know they are not going to look in our bedroom closet but I still feel the need to clean it out!

Feeling: Very content, life is at a really good pace right now and I am very pleased with it.

Watching: Fringe, well I say that like every week but I still have one whole season to but I am sure I will not be able to make it last to much longer as I just need to know what is going to happen next.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Post Eurovision Blues

  1. Oh that pressure of packing! I would feel the same way too if I have visitors coming to my place. It’s either I close my room door and declare it out of boundary or impressed them with my not-so-often-seen cleanaholic self.

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