Lets Talk Underwear

So yeah I am talking underwear today but sorry no picture of mine, I am sure you are totally sad!

underwear logo.jpg

#1 – How does it make sense that a thong takes longer to dry than Mr. H’s boxers? I mean the fabric is nowhere near the same size, thank goodness otherwise I would be a very sad lady, but no each week I am always surprised when his are done and mine still need to go round and round.

#2 – What is with the lack of good thongs Sweden? The first time I was old enough to wear a thong I sang songs of happiness. My whole life I have had really full thighs and those little kids panties were just the worst for me, my poor mom always had to search like crazy for age appropriate underwear that would not also cut off my circulation. The only good place I have found for thongs in Sweden though is miles and miles away from our current place and even then they just had one small section and then like 10 sections of granny panties galore.

#3 – So point 2 brings me to this obvious fact but one I totally overlooked somehow, now that I have been working out and trying to eat healthier for like 10 weeks in addition to my regular clothes fitting better or looser so are my underwear. When I mentioned this to Mr. H is was like uhhh yeah what did you think was going to happen and I was like I DO NOT KNOW because at that moment a pair of underwear that used to by my favorite were riding up like they wanted to be in an 80’s music video.

So that is my current underwear situation which will hopefully be easily remedied when we visit England next month!

Have any underwear woes of your own you would like to share?


12 thoughts on “Lets Talk Underwear

  1. I’m with Sammy. Thongs are for feet, not fannies! (Sorry, it’s the crude Australian coming out tonight) In all seriousness though, I’ve been buying a lot from Victoria’s Secret lately, they do 5 for £25 which might seem a fair bit of cash for knickers but they do seem to last longer than the cheaper brands & they have a wide selection as I’m sure you know from back home!

  2. You made me laugh out loud tonight and I really needed that.:):) Not much to say except thongs – I’ve tried them and I just don’t love them.

  3. I’m with Sammy and Jade. Thongs are absolutely for your feet :-)

    I still get my knickers sent from Australia as I’ve never seen a pair that I liked at anything close to a price that I’d be willing to pay. And I like matching bra and knickers, which seems to be an alien concept here (I simply can’t leave the house in mismatched underwear).

  4. This is too funny. Jordan and I were just talking about underwear yesterday and how I need some new ones. The end. :) Also, I refuse to wear thongs. Not comfortable!

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