Scrabble Book III

Welcome to the at least 3rd post dedicated to Scrabble! The thing is though that we just love to play Scrabble and do so all the time.

I wrote before about how we keep our Scrabble scores in their own separate book and this March we started our third one!

Three Scrabble Books

We have always just gone with whatever blank journal we have on hand and this time it was the black Moleskin in the back. I honestly think it came from a pack of three I bought back in college and never got around to using, the middle one was one I got as a college graduation present and the red one my grandma sent me just for this use in 2012!

Two letter word view

Since the Moleskin was blank on the front unlike our previous ones I wrote out a list of two letter words and taped it to the front with packing tape. Now I am sure some people would object to having a little cheat sheet but it really helps us at the end of the game when we have three random tiles left and we figure if it is just and we both agree it is ok why not!

Scrabble and Sherry

We often make our games into little mid afternoon parties. On this day we had cheese, peanuts, and Sherry which is definitely how we do it on weekends if I get my way but usually it is just a cup of tea and a bun!

We also play tons of card games but those scores go in their own book! The other thing we love are trivia games but we have played the one Trivial Pursuit game we have too many times so are on the lookout for a new pack of cards but those are hard to find!

10 thoughts on “Scrabble Book III

  1. What a great way to capture those memories. Being a list person + memory keeper, this = perfection! :) P.S. My husband is so jealous that you play scrabble (or any game) with your spouse! (I hate games! I have no idea what’s wrong with me!)

    • I agree as a fellow list maker and memory keeper it really wonderful to have. My family has always been on playing games and it took me a bit buy now Mr. H is just as obsessed as me!

  2. What a great idea to keep it all in the books! Hang on to those – I bet you will enjoy them later, especially if you add notes about when and where etc…

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