Grains vs Cubes

sugar cubes


When I first moved in with Mr. H back in 2008, the day I moved in was the first time I had seen the place as I flew into Sweden from England, he had cleaned and made everything all nice but the cupboards were almost bare. He had bread, milk, cereal, liverwurst, and sugar cubes and a few tea bags.

When I saw the sugar cubes I thought to my 23 yr old self “wow sugar cubes how European and fancy is my boyfriend”.

See I had watched the movie Le Divorce many times and always laughed at the part where the French mother in law smirks at her American daughter in law for having sugar grains and not cubes.

I did not mention this to Mr. H until years later and he told me he just had them because he liked to snack on them not for actually using in tea or coffee and it would make no difference to him to use grains or cubes for such a thing.

I was slightly disappointed but by that time cubes had become de rigeur in our house and for me there was no going back.

The other week though we ran out and I slightly panicked as I had not idea how much sugar to put into my tea if it was not all packed into a neat little cube for me!

So what do you use cubes or grains and have you always used that?


14 thoughts on “Grains vs Cubes

  1. P and don’t really sweeten our tea or coffee but I love the sugar cube. I think because it seems so exotic being American. I like the raw sugar cubes when I do sugar my tea, every once in a while I will do a strong tea with milk and sugar (I went through a kick where I had this almost every night when I lived by myself).

  2. I don’t mind either way – but if I was having a tea party with guests, it would be cubes! :-)

  3. This is such a cute story. I always use the grain sugar mainly because I had completely forgotten that they make the cubes. I do remember when I was a little girl my grandmother would buy the cubes solely for the purpose to use in tea & coffee and if I behaved when she watched me I would get to snack on them as a treat.

  4. I love this! Sugar cubes do just seem so fancy to me, and if either of us actually took sugar in our tea or coffee, I might actually consider them… but we have a fancy sugar spoon instead ;)

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