Do You…

Do You

Have one room that is always messy? – We do and it is the bedroom I always leave it for last to clean since if I run out of time I can just shut the door and not look at the mess!

Hate doing laundry? – I usually do not but lately I have been letting it pile up like crazy and only finally doing it when we are down to our last clean undies!

Want to include cheese in every meal? – I have to always remind myself that not every recipe needs cheese to be good.

Drink at least 3 cups of tea (or coffee) a day? – I do I try to intermix herbal with black tea but it always seems to be 3 cups a day.

Wear the same outfits every week? – I always look at some shirts and think I should totally wear those and think ummm tomorrow lets just put on that same green one!

Feel like you do to many link ups? – Sometimes I think I do to many link ups but they are such great writing prompts.

Let your nail polish chip and chip before you take it off? – Every time I paint my nails I think this time I will take it off right when it starts to chip but every time I end up peeling half of it off before I resort to the nail polish remover.

Encourage your significant other to watch sports so you can watch your shows in peace in bed? – This took my almost 6 yrs of living together to figure out but now I say O sure watch Manchester United as I escape to the bedroom with my laptop and watch Fringe!

Use no new razors as a great excuse to not shave? – I know it only takes a few minutes but anyway to avoid shaving my legs is great to me!

Hoard library books? – I maybe sometimes might just have about 10 library books at home with me, I just love having the variety and being able to read what kind of book I want when I want.

Hid from your Bloglovin feed? – I really want to read all the blog posts but when it gets up to 87 like it is right now I just want to hide from it!

So do you do this stuff too?


14 thoughts on “Do You…

  1. I need cheese with every meal too! And I also wear the same outfits every week as well just because I’m not creative enough to think of new outfits so I just stick to my favourite ones and wear them over and over again ;)

  2. If my nail polish starts to chip, even a little, I end up picking most of it off- which I am sure is horrible for my nails! And if wearing yoga pants or legging almost every day counts as wearing the same outfits, I am okay with that! x

  3. My Bloglovin feed is out of control. Sometimes I’m just tempted to mark everything as read and start from scratch but so far I haven’t.

    As for shaving my legs, I shave every day unless I’m really sick so I tend not to look for excuses.

  4. The cheese thing and wearing the same outfit every week is so me! I think part of the cheese thing is almost subconscious because I REALLY like cheese, so I end up pinning more recipes with cheese than without :) It’s a tough cycle to break ;)

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