Sunday Currently – So Much Sun!

Sundsvall sunset

So you might be seeing even more sunset pictures around here but when you do not see them all winter they are so glorious!

Reading: It seems every Sunday I am reading an Agatha Christie book and I swear I read other things but once again I am reading one of her books this Sunday! This week it is A Caribbean Mystery which features Miss Marple who is one of my favorites.

Thinking: About the river! There is a really cute cafe, Ågläntan, in our town along the river and I cannot wait to go there and have a cup of coffee or beer on the patio and maybe even one of their lunch deals!

Smelling: BBQ, they have set up the fire pit and benches so everyone has been out grilling. I cannot wait to squeeze our way in and do some grilling of our own.

Wishing: We were just going to order pizza today but alas the chicken is defrosted and I will soon be in their cooking away.

Wearing: Whale pj pants! I have had them for ages and they used to be too tight to be comfortable but now they fit perfect and so I want to wear them all the time!

Loving: Sun, sun, sun glorious sun! On Friday and Saturday we sat on our balcony in the warmth and had cold beers and it was such a great time.

Wanting: Cheese. Hahaha but seriously I really would love some good old fashioned American cheddar cheese to put on our dinner tonight.

Feeling: The good kind of wore out, after two four mile walks and two days of sun it is the best feeling to be relaxing on the couch now with some Fringe and blogging.

Watching: Like I said above I am still into my Fringe binge, I am halfway done with season 3 and I am sure will be done with the whole series soon.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – So Much Sun!

  1. Absolutely beautiful sunset! Whoo, I don’t know how well I’d do not seeing the sun all winter. Even in New York, I struggled a little with seasonal affective disorder. Are the seasons something you’ve gotten adjusted to, or do you have any tips or tricks that might help those of us who love the cold northern climates but not the dark?

    • One thing for us is that we live right up against a ridge so while people down in the valley may get more sun we miss it where we are. One thing though that I have found is I have to just embrace the darkness and therefore light lots of candles and plan activities like game playing and baking that go well with the season.

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