We are Finally Clean and it is Friday!!!!

Happy Friday


Hello and happy happy Friday!!!

Why so happy you ask! Well finally after a week our shower is fixed, I have never felt so clean in all my life.

Well ok that is not true after a trip from Sweden to America that first shower at my grandmas usually feels like winning the lottery.

Either way though I am finally clean clean clean again, no more of this 3o second shower bullshit.

Ok fine I will admit I have already taken two showers today but in my defense one was after our 4 mile walk and if I did not shower I would be sitting all alone on the patio do to the stink factor.

Our walk took us to town for various chores and then on the way back we stopped for lunch.

I figured though that the walk would cancel the cheeseburger, fries, and soda though so I am still going to have chips later.

O and a peach cider that I slipped into the cart at systembolaget.

For some reason the guy in front of us was buying like 10 Smirnoff Ice and I thought to myself hey it is warm and a fruity drink does sound good so in addition to the 5 beers I am going to be girly!

Mr. H is going to try a pear one which sounds ick to me but he thought peach sounded ick so to each their own!

Well hope you have a lovely weekend!



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