The Pros and Cons of a Nursing School Husband

Fredrik in scrubs

Mr. H is now 2/3 done with nursing school (yippppeeeee only one more year to go) and I have found some definite pros and cons of having a husband in nursing school when the mere thought of blood makes you want to puke.

Pro – If you get hurt or feel sick you have your own personal caretaker. Mr. H now finds it personally offensive if I do not feel good and pampers me like crazy till I am well again.

Con – You always think you are dying. No seriously when he started the big set of classes talking about diseases they warned all the students that you will all of a sudden think you have every disease you learn about no matter how far fetched. Since Mr. H is a sharer I therefore also think I have every disease and am therefore dying.

Pro – Accurate medical information. No longer do we need to use WebMd as we have a giant, and expensive, stack of medical books in our kitchen along with notebooks filled with notes as well as powerpoint presentations and the time Mr. H has spent with hands on experience.

Con – You will see things you never wanted to see. So those books I mentioned while having great information they also have some scary ass pictures you cannot unsee. If the books are in my way I just leave them lest the open up to some mangled body part picture that I will need to go to therapy to talk through.

Pro – Work clothes are washed for you. When Mr. H is at the hospital he shows up in regular clothes and then changes into scrubs and then when it is time to go home he changes back and puts the scrubs in the dirty laundry at work. This is so much better than when he was working in elderly care before he started and he would come home in the same clothes he was in all day at work with who knows what on them.

Con – You always think you are dying. O wait I mentioned that already but seriously I swear I can feel body parts ache now that I never even knew I had before.

Pro – Motivates you to get healthy. I mentioned this the other day but seriously when you hear first hand accounts of people having strokes that are not senior citizens it really motivates you to take care of yourself.

Con – You turn into a guinea pig. The other day Mr. H said he really wished we had a blood pressure cuff at home so he could practice on me ummmm yeah not really my idea of a fun date night.

Pro – He can talk to my mom all the live long day. So this one is really specific but my mom worked in the medical field and she just loves to talk about drawing blood and all sorts of things and now she has someone to do it with that will not feel like puking.

Con – You know how things work. Like most people I used to just have a general idea about how most common medical procedures worked and they did not sound fun but now that I was privy to a movie demonstrating how to do a catheter and listening to Mr. H say the steps over and over before his practical exam it really really really does not sound like fun.

Pros or Cons aside though watching Mr. H go through nursing school had made me so proud as it is not easy at all and his program is just three years with the licensing and a Bachelors Degree combined.


8 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of a Nursing School Husband

  1. This is a great list. That bit about always thinking you’re dying is funny. My brother is a nurse, by the way, thank goodness he didn’t use me as his review board, I am incredibly susceptible and would have thought I was dying too!

  2. I would so be the one to say “oh, think I have that ” too :) We have several friends in the medical field and we actually took blood pressure at a get together….we throw some fun parties :) I love having people around to tell you if it is a hospital visit or not (like when P cut off the tip of his thumb).

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