Earth Day

Sundsvall Rainbow

Did you know today is Earth Day? I had no idea till I went online this afternoon, story of my life about most things, and I was like o yeah I remember making bird feeders or something like that way back in elementary school on Earth Day.

We are lucky to live in a corner apartment and I took this picture minutes before I took the one I put up yesterday. One day, one time, two totally different views and that is what is so great about the planet.

Wherever you are today if you look you will be able to find some beauty in what the earth does regardless of us.

It is wonderful and humbling and something I enjoy so much more the older I get.

Kahlil Gibran quote with flower

While we are still living in Sundsvall I plan to get out and enjoy how close and real nature is for us. Today we walked to town instead of taking the bus and it invigorated so much to feel the sun on me and feel my body working.

I also am planning on getting into the woods, via the trails, and maybe learning a few bird calls or knowing a bit more about what type of squirrels I am seeing.

I am not sure if I will banish my fear of bees but that among other things is not going to keep my feet from the grass or the wind from my hair this year.


14 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. Beautiful rainbow! But whatever, bees are and will always be terrifying, haha! Even the non-stinging types like bumble bees scare the heck out of me!

  2. I love your rainbow photo. And I too forgot it was Earth Day until the internet reminded me this morning. And my mom was always really into it growing up. Plating trees every year, etc. Soooo I don’t really have an excuse for forgetting….

  3. A couple of years ago I was watching some documentary on the future of our planet and at one point it mentioned how the technology will arise to where was can live on space stations with fabricated atmospheres and finally escape the perils of Earth. I got all defensive and said to my friend who was watching with me “But I like Earth!” And I really do. This time of year when all of the cherry blossoms on my street are in bloom I’m especially appreciative. It’s amazing what lives on this planet and so I don’t ever want to so to a space station. I’m staying here. Until I risk death by drowning due to the melting ice caps. Then I may have to reconsider.

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