Up to Date

April Rainy Sunset


Hello!!! This was the view outside our living room window last night. It was raining but the sun was still shining through making it this wonderfully hazy surreal look.

So often I think about where we are going after Mr. H graduates and no matter how excited I am about our plans I am sure I am going to miss views like this.

Reading: The last book I finished was The Uninvited by Liz Jensen which was major creepy and good. It is about a worldwide paradigm shift starting with children attacking prominent adults in their life, very well written and intriguing topic but I could not get past that I had found it in the YA section. I mean I know that many YA books have dark themes but this one was not a YA book in the first place and then that it dealt with youth killing adults as the main theme it just was more of a WTF library moment. I am actually planning on telling them when I return it.

Writing: Our short grocery list, we just did a four day shop this week to tide us over till pay day.

Monday – Herby Grilled Pork Loin and Pasta Salad

Tuesday – Chipotle Kabobs with Rice and Tunnbröd

Wednesday – Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Strips and French Fries

Thursday – Mexican Pasta Bake

Out of the four meals two of them I found on one of Amanda’s Pinterest Boards! I am a slightly wishy washy Pinterest person but some days it is so good for meal planning!

Thinking: About our summer trip and how I think I need to start making a plan since my grandparents will be here in 6 weeks and it seems crazy soon!

Smelling: Leftovers, I think we can all agree one of the best things about holiday food is eating it again the next day for lunch right. Sometimes I just want to scoop it all into one big pile and eat it like that which is probably weird but mmmmm holiday food.

Wishing: That today was not a holiday too in Sweden so the repair guy would come and fix our shower. Ever since Thursday morning we have only been able to take 45 second showers or else the bathroom will flood. Also ironically I have therefore only been able to use my new conditioner like twice since I do not have enough time to add it in my 45 second shower.

Hoping: So I am going to double up here and hope the repair man comes first thing tomorrow morning!!

Wearing: Cuffed jeans and a black tank top. So I am short, did you guys know that I am on a very good day with a person that sucks at measuring 5′ 1″, and so jeans are always dragging on the ground so I love when the weather warms up and I can cuff the to the perfect ankle length and wear flats.

Loving: That the winter damp is gone and the summer humidity has not hit so my hair dries fast and my skin is not all clammy. The perfect combo for getting ready and still looking good hours later!

Wanting: Tazo Iced Tea, today Mr. H and were talking how the perfect iced drinks weather has come (holy crap how much about the weather am I talking today!) and it made me miss my car, Starbucks, and iced beverages.

Needing: To workout later, I usually get it over with in the morning but today I had to do up the shopping list and then actually go shopping so I pushed it off till later.

Feeling: Happy!!! Mr. H has not had school so we have been hanging out and playing games and listening to music and it has been so wonderful. I know come Summer he will be at work all the time so I am very much enjoying these days.

Watching: On Saturday we watched Rock of Ages and I totally loved it, Mr. H kept asking what the story line was and I was like music ok just people singing just enjoy it!

Well that is me all up to date what have you been up to?


11 thoughts on “Up to Date

  1. That book sounds creepy! Per the usual the menu sounds good. Well, we all know I’m totally addicted to Pinterest and use that exclusively for my meal planning ;) I’m ready for more salads and grilling to become our norm…we get so much rain in the Spring it is hard to schedule for grilling (our back deck is not covered).

  2. I love the sound of your menu – always good to get a few ideas (I often look on Pinterest too). I am going to try to do a chicken, parmesan crusted thingy I saw on tv – especially as the weather improves I am looking to find some new salad recipes to go with it!

  3. I really do hope that repair guy comes soon!
    There’s a superstition that when the sun is out while it’s raining, it means someone supernatural is getting married.

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