Stockholm- The Sights

When Mr. H and I go on weekend trips we like to pick one main sight to see whether that is a museum, famous monument or area of town and then set it to be seen on whichever day is our full day in the city. This way we get some structure but also lots of flexibility to walk down the street that looks cool or sit for hours in a fun coffee shop we find. It also helps us keep costs down as entry fees can be quite high and luckily for us if we visit somewhere in Europe and feel we need to see more we have the option to return in the future.

stockholm the sights

For our weekend in Stockholm we decided to visit the Vasa Museum. We chose this as our paid sight because the cost was low, 130 kr for me and 100 kr for Mr. H with his student ID which they checked, and because Mr. H had visited almost 10 years  ago exactly so we thought it would be fun to see what he thought now vs then.

Vasa Museum 1

When you initially walk in you are in a large open area with the recovered ship filling the main space and I will admit I was like ummm cool but where is all the other stuff we surely did not just pay to see the ship right! Even when I grabbed a map I was still a bit confused but eventually we got our bearings and spent about two hours exploring the museum. I am not sure if we saw every little bit of info but we were satisfied by what we saw and had fun taking pictures and reading all of the various plaques and displays they had.

One reason we left is because the lighting was dim to help preserve the ship which was making us tired and we were hungry and knew we could find cheaper food than was being served in their cafe.

Vasa Collage

I love taking silly pictures and I think that what I liked best about the Vasa Museum was they had all sorts of interactive things to take pictures with and made the experience of the boat sinking come to life that much more.

In the bottom middle picture Mr. H is trying to point to where we live on that map but it was hard to get close enough. In the bottom left picture I am in a diving bell, the picture I posted yesterday is Mr. H in it. He is also a foot taller than me and stood up in it but I was too scared!

If you are in Stockholm I would highly recommend visiting but I would say to either take the elevator the top or bottom and work your way in the opposite direction rather than starting in the middle like we did.


Also of note is that the museum is walking distance to many other museums and located in this lovely green space along the water. If you are of the picnicing persuasion this would be a lovely place to, we just sat along the water for a bit and felt refreshed but were a bit jealous of the others that thought ahead and had snacks!

The Royal Palace

On Sunday our train did not leave till the afternoon so after we checked out of the hotel we stored our bag and went out on a walking exploration. Since we have both been to Stockholm before we did not have anything particular in mind and since it was such a nice day we just really set out towards the shops.

We walked a route from our hotel down to a small square that was having a market then down a street of shops and ended up at The Royal Palace. Now Stockholm is home to two palaces but I was excited to see this one since, from the outside only, as I have seen it on TV for the royal weddings. Also our last name translates to home castle so I thought it was apt for us to take some pictures out front because you know we obviously belong there! (Edit to add when Mr. H saw he said o it is The Royal Man at the Royal Palace!)

We then took the same path back, doing a coffee stop, and relaxed in the hotel lobby a bit before heading to the train station.

Stockholm Street Collage


20 thoughts on “Stockholm- The Sights

  1. I think Swedish museums in general are quite confusing. I never really know where to start…..but what I found most annyoing about the Vasa museum is the fact that you need coins for the lockers and when I visited it, I didn’t have any and came right from Uni with my laptop and all the stuff. It would have taken me 1 hour or more to go home and come back and so I had to carry all my things with me. I think the museum is quite interesting but I was too exhausted after an hour to explore it further ;)

    • It is weird how in Sweden you need coins for things but barely anyone uses cash so I am never quite sure where they expect us to get these coins to go potty or store items!

  2. I love museums, but you’re right that the better ones are laid out well and easier to navigate. South Africa had some awesome museums – very visitor friendly!

  3. My friend Sammy has literally just been here! The museum looks really interesting, and I love the Royal Man in front of the Royal Palace – something my husband would be likely to say!

  4. You two take the best photos! So cute.

    I’ve really wanted to visit Stockholm for years but the flight prices are always so crazy to Sweden.

  5. Looks like a really fun weekend!

    We need to get out and do something. We’ve lived in Scotland so long now that we don’t do as much sightseeing anymore. Life just gets in the way. But Iove to go out and see what this country has to offer on the weekends. I just have to make plans!

  6. I love just walking around a city – and I’ve had good luck finding free walking tour routes online with info about what you’re looking at. Looks like a great weekend trip!

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