Thoughtful Thursday – II

thoughtful thursday


This week I could not wait for it to be Thursday since then I got to use this graphic I made again! I did not talk about it before but the background pattern is a picture of snow I took from my window on the walkway in front of our building. I thought it looked so fun and a bit like a coral reef.

Yesterday I had my first migraine that messed with my vision and it was so so so so so scary. It lasted about 10 minutes and I will say there was one moment that actually made me laugh after. When Mr. H was trying to have me describe what I was seeing I told him it looked like a portal to a different universe was opening up. So maybe I have watched too much Fringe lately huh!!!

On another Fringe related note in an episode I recently watched they played a She Wants Revenge song in the background and today I am finally listening to the album and reliving memories of getting out of psych 100 late on Thursday nights and driving down the 57 and 55 fast with the windows down and the album blaring. Such young and happy days!

We cannot stand the person that lives above us, we have never met them but they are so loud and alway drilling things. We kinda thought it was just us being uptight though until on Sunday the person that lives below us came up asked us if we could stop all the noise since her kid was trying to nap and I was like that is not us it is the guy ABOVE US. So yeah he is mega loud if the people on the first floor can hear him on the third floor and we are now justified in not liking him!

There is an older gentleman that lives in an apartment near us I am assuming but everyday I see him walking around and around the block of flats we live in and he always looks so peaceful and happy. I have wondered if perhaps he uses that time to prayer or something and today he had a woman with him and I am just so curious about them. I am not very familiar with various types of traditional dress but the woman today had a really pretty scarf covering her head.

Yesterday it was sunny so we wanted to get out and exercise rather than do it inside so we combined it with a trip to our favorite junk shop and found two glasses for 10 kr total that are going to be perfect for beer tasting. They are similar to the ones we used at Mikkeller and seriously for 5 kr a piece I do not care if we use them once and they break, wait no they are really cute I would be sad if they broke actually.

Speaking of glasses I do most the dishes around here because I am home more but I hate washing any of our special glasses. Basically if it is store in the kitchen cupboards I will wash it but if it is stored in the china cabinet I make Mr. H wash it. I just have this huge fear of breaking things and being upset that they are broke and getting cut by glass. Mr. H is a pro though and usually hand drys them right away too which is even better.

– I was hoping to do all my posts about Stockholm like bam bam bam and then hahaha that has not happened but here is a picture of what I will hopefully blog about soon!

Fredrik in Diving Bell

Yeah we know how to take awesome vacation pictures ;)


10 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – II

  1. It seems like every building has a driller… somebody who just seems to be constantly drilling. We don’t really know where ours is, either next to us or one up and across from us… but it’s so irritating!
    And I share your fancy glassware washing fear!

  2. The picture of the snow is awesome! Very cool graphic! Ugg migraines…I’ve only had one where my vision was affected (it was basically like a big black dot over my right eye) and it freaked me out! It only happened the one time though, and I’ve had many migraines since.

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