Sunday Currently – Spontaneity is Great

a study hungover saturday

Mr. H took these pictures of me on Saturday morning being hungover and so excited for freshly brewed coffee! On Friday we did our walk to town and bought some wine and beer and then we spontaneously decided to go out and had so much fun and then when we got home we Skyped with my grandparents till 2 AM!

Reading: Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie, it is meant to be one of the best Poirot stories and I am very excited to get into it. I am also happy because it features my favorite Christie character Mrs Ariadne Oliver, she is a veiled version of herself and they silly things she has her say and do always have my laughing.

Writing: Well before I started this I managed to do our grocery list for the week, sometimes it takes me ages but today I was done in a jiffy! It was easy though since our freezer is stocked with meat!

Listening: To the latest release of Johnny Cash songs, they were recorded in 1981 and we think they are just the perfect thing for some sunny weather and fun at home.

Thinking: About how much words can mean to someone and how the next person can take their meaning to be something so different. Mainly involving these two posts, post one  and the response,regarding what exactly is an expat and how no one ever wants to claim the immigrant title but if you ask me what I am I am 100% an immigrant!

Smelling: Cleanliness! Haha no but seriously yesterday Mr. H and I did a deep scrub of the bathroom and today I almost did not want to shower in there since everything was so sparkly and clean!

Hoping: That laundry this week goes easy, the last time I did laundry the machine broke with the clothes in it and was locked so I freaked out because you know I want my clothes and so then I had to walk home and get Mr. H and then of course it opened for him but then we had to take the soaking wet clothes to another room and while it worked out this is the second week something like that happened and it is not like laundry is that fun to start so it would be great if it just did what it is meant to on the first try.

Wearing: A bright orange tank top that has a hole in it, I love this tank top so much that when it got a hole I just decided to only wear it inside which is a fair compromise I think.

Loving: That the mega construction thing that has been going on all winter outside my window is done, seriously I have seen construction workers pee on the parking structure wall more times than I have ever wanted to which was zero by the way vs the million I have now seen.

Wanting: Coffee shop coffee, Mr. H made me great coffee again this morning but I would just love a giant sweet iced coffee.

Needing: Skin relief, my skin always goes crazy when the weather changes and I have been itching like someone hiding the fact they have chicken pox this week ie whenever Mr. H turns around I itch like crazy!

Feeling: Young, sometimes you have to be responsible and save and eat good but sometimes you say fuck it and go out and eat nachos and get drunk and it is just the best.

Watching: Stand up, last night we finally dragged our hungover buts to bed at midnight and then we ended up staying up almost an hour watching stand up clips on youtube.

What have you guys been up to this week?


20 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Spontaneity is Great

  1. I love Agatha Christie! Can’t remember this particular one, though, I read them a long time ago. I can only remember The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

  2. You look so cute in those photos!

    I’m a bit worried to wade in to the expat/immigrant debate but I no longer consider myself to be an expat, more like an immigrant. Military families are exactly who I’d class as an expat as they don’t tend to stay in overseas postings permanently. But that’s all I say about that :)

  3. How do you look so good with a hangover?!!

    I was intrigued by that post too. Great of Deanna to write it and of Shannon to write an alternative perspective. I love posts that make you think. Mr Tide and I discussed it lots yesterday.

  4. hahaha love the photos!!!

    heh…I have way too many thoughts about the expat posts. I should probably write my own post about it and then sit on it for awhile. I didn’t realize I was so passionate about it, but I am.

  5. I love that photo series… I can relate to being that happy over coffee!
    Good to hear you’re feeling young and carefree despite the laundry hassles… so frustrating when machines break or jam!

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