If The Sun Is Out…

start walking


And do not stop till you hit the liquor store!

Hahaha today we have big plans to walk the 1.8 miles to town, right into systembolaget to pick up some wine for the weekend. The one condition is that we have to walk home too which I am being optimistic about because you know exercise and what not but lets be honest if there was not the wine I would take the bus home!

The thing is though in our town for both of us to take the bus home it is almost the cost of the wine which is just crazy right.

O and we are going big and getting the tetra pak rather than the bottle since you get an extra 250ml of wine but the excuse for that is if we drop it when walking it will not break.

See I have this all figured out!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the sun comes out for you too!


6 thoughts on “If The Sun Is Out…

  1. I miss walking. I can’t walk here because a) it’s too hot and b) it’s not safe enough for me to be out alone with a bag etc. Looking forward to good weather (and personal safety) in the UK!!

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