Stockholm – The Drinking Part (or the best part)

stockholm the drinks

Now Mr. H and I had our food plan to be thrifty and one museum picked out that had a student discount (post coming soon) because we had a plan for our drinks and it was to visit two bars we had been dreaming about for a long time. Lest you think us Hemborg’s are drunks it is just that we really love beer, you know how some people love wine and that is ok but loving beer is still kinda taboo, ummm anyways in Stockholm there are two craft beer bars that we set out to try!

Brewdog Stockholm 1


First on our list was Brewdog which opened last year. We have tried many of their beers and have always been pleased and we knew they had many others on tap and in bottles that are hard or near impossible to find in Sweden.

We each started with their Jackhammer IPA, it was the first time having it on tap and it was quite tasty but for our next beer we wanted to order from their bottle selection.

Stone IPA Love

Mr. H decided to go for a Stone IPA which as you can see he was very happy about! I have oddly never blogged about it but last summer we visited the Stone Brewing facilities and had such a great time and we really miss getting their beers at a good price. We were happy that they had this beer and that it was the best price for Stone we have seen in Sweden.

Flying Dog in the Wildeman

I ordered a beer from a brewery in my top 5 which was the Flying Dog in de Wildeman Farmhouse IPA. Not only did I love the glass they served with it but the beer was heavenly. Also when I went up and ordered I had a fun little chat with the bartender about Flying Dog which I find sorta of rare in Swedish bars which had me pleased.

Overall we thought the bar had potential but we did not love it. The things we thought could be changed were the layout as to get to the bar after sitting you had to basically climb through the other people sitting and when we first walked in we could only see the beers on tap and not the three page bottle list which made us order a beer we might not have and at around 72 kr per beer you want to spend that money wisely. I also feel that since this type of craft beer movement is still small but growing in Sweden the other clientele were not acclimated to this style of bar and seemed to be looking for their old stand bys of Tuborg and Carlsberg.

Mikkeller Bar Stockholm

Mikkeller Stockholm

The second beer stop we made was to the new Mikkeller bar in Stockholm, and I mean new as it was ut two weeks old when we went!

Drinking at Mikkeller

At Mikkeller they had all the beers listed on a giant board so it was easy to see what was available and you order either a large or small glass which was great for testing different beers.

large glass at Mikkeller

Mikkeller beers can be hard to find and often very price prohibitive so we were excited to be able to try some from the source as it were and we I think we ended up trying four different Mikkellers and one other that was on tap.

We enjoyed all but one which we thought was not bad but that the keg was off. After a bit of talking with the bartender I was able to trade it in for a different beer which was nice. I however would have been even happier if the bartender would have been more knowledgeable about beer and would have known it was off when she tasted it as well and not just said maybe I did not like it. Mr. H and I had both tried it and then asked a gentleman sitting behind us that just so happened to be from the Stockholm Whisky and Beer Festival and we all thought it tasted like vinegar which this style of beer should never taste like at all.

chips at mikkeller bar stockholm

The star of our time at Mikkeller for me though were the chips! Not only were they tasty, reasonably priced for a bar snack in Sweden, but I loved how they put them in a basket so I did not have to stick my hand in a greasy bag which is a pet peeve of mine!

I think this bar also has great potential but a bit of a leg up on Brewdog since Mikkeller is a brewery from Denmark and seemed to understand what Swedes would like better. The location of the bar also seemed better since next door is an established bar and overall the area felt nicer.

Bishops Arms Stockholm

The last bar we visited was not on purpose but on Friday night we were not in the mood to venture too far from the hotel or where we had dinner reservations so we went into the Bishops Arms. They are chain in Sweden, they have this weird thing where they have to be a certain distance from an Elite hotel, and we actually have one in Sundsvall.

We went in because like I said in my food post it is always nice to go somewhere familiar and trustworthy.

Mr. H ended up having two beers and I had two beers and a cider which all were great and reasonably priced.

They also had friendly staff and comfy little booths that you felt in no need to vacate. This also happened to be the place where I hear the most English being spoken on our whole trip!

For 5o kr we were able to get a bag of chips as well as a cup of assorted nuts which kept us happy till our 8 PM dinner reservations.

If you are in Sweden and looking for a wide variety of beer and a cozy atmosphere Bishops Arms is always a safe bet.


We also had a few beers in the hotel bar but I am saving that for the post on the hotel!


12 thoughts on “Stockholm – The Drinking Part (or the best part)

  1. I love the Mikkeller glasses!! I want to go to both Brew Dog and Mikkeller. That is so odd it is hard for you to get Mikkeller there. We get a lot here in the States. Beer distribution is weird :) We did bring back the Mikkeller Brewberry from our trip from France as that is one we would never see here. Looks like great beer finds.

  2. Looks like so much fun! And I love the glasses! Both the ones on your face and the ones you drank out of. Haha! Also, your new blog header is FAB!! My favourite so far! :)

  3. We need to hang out. This looks so fun!! Craft beers are always fun to find. I’m not a huge IPA fan, but I’m always up for trying new things!

    • I used to not be very into IPA’s but over the last year I have really been starting to tell which ones I will enjoy and have to say they are perfect for a warm summer day!

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