Stockholm – The Food Part

We made it back from our little weekend getaway to Stockholm and I am so excited to share our trip with you! I am having so many thoughts and not only on the regular we had so much fun ones but also on the I will never be able to stop thinking in terms of my American Studies degree and so therefore have so many thoughts in terms of social behavior, norms, and so forth!

To make things easier and more straightforward though I am going to divide the posts up into easy categories and therefore if you only want to read about food and not the hotel (or my crazy ideas on traveling differences in your home country vs a foreign one) you can easily!

stockholm the food

Eating out in Sweden is expensive so our plan was for taking advantage of the breakfast buffet in the hotel, low budget lunches, one special dinner, and one lower budget dinner. We were able to stick to this which was great and had some really good food too!

Stockholm Wagamama


Wagamama’s is one of our favorite restaurants to eat at when we are in the UK and were so excited to find out they had one in Stockholm. Now I know some people do not love chains but when I am in a new city and tired sometimes a chain is great because you know what to expect and will most likely leave full and happy and this was no exception!

I was very pleased that the servings were still huge even though it was Sweden and that the prices for the huge servings were very reasonable.

We both ordered the Katsu Curry (pictured in the top right) which was a large breaded and fried chicken breast, with a huge mound of rice, salad, and amazingly yummy curry sauce. It was 139 kr and considering I was so full I could not even finish my rice we were once again pleased with the value.

We also ordered a serving of the duck gyoza which we found a little on the pale side but the filling was good.

This was the only restaurant we planned in advance and therefore had made reservations online for 8 PM on Friday, however by 7:20 we were starving so we made our way over and after a very short wait were seated in a great little booth. The service was friendly and the restaurant had a great lively atmosphere.

I would highly recommend this if you are looking for large portions of great Asian food at a competitive price.

O and in terms of touristy feeling the nearest table to us were Finnish but as far as we could tell everyone else seemed to be speaking Swedish.

bamsekorv and potatismos

On Saturday we did some sightseeing and stopped for a cheap and typical Swedish lunch of bamsekorv (a large sausage) and potatismos (mashed potatoes) with mustard and ketchup.

All over Stockholm, and Sweden for that matter, you will find little stands selling a variety of sausages (korv) either on a bun (korvbröd), rolled up in a flatbread called tunnbröd (mainly in the north), inserted in a bun called a French hot dog, or with potatoes and toppings like fried onions, relish, mustard, ketchup and shrimp salad.

We enjoyed our easy on the go lunch and as silly as it sounds since I live in Sweden having this lunch on a little table in a park near the water in Stockholm really made me feel extra Swedish.

If you are visiting make sure to try one of this stands and be pleasantly surprised!

Giant Pizza

Ok so that picture is not the best but it shows how giant the pizza was we got on Saturday night!

On Saturday after we visited two different bars and were hungry we started wandering down random streets looking for dinner. That is usually not the best idea but we found our favorite restaurant ever that way once on vacation so we went for it. Along the way I mumbled that pizza sounded great so when I glanced down a residential side street and saw a sign saying pizzeria I headed towards it like a moth to a flame.

Buona Sera Pizzeria Stockholm

And that is how we found Pizzeria Buona Sera. When I got close and saw the tiny place packed I thought it was a good sign and I was very very right. We were seated and handed menus with pasta and the traditional long list of pizzas common in Sweden. Once we ordered; a capricciosa for Mr. H and one for me called the Al Pollo which had chicken, arugula, goat cheese, roasted paprika, red onion, pine nuts, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, we were handed a giant bowl of pizza salad. Now you might not be familiar with pizza salad but if you are you will know how amazing getting a giant bowl at your table is and to top it off it was fresh and delicious.

I did not manage to eat my whole pizza but Mr. H devoured his and both declared it the best pizza we have had in ages. What was also great is that this meal was so cheap! I believe our whole meal (pizza salad, pizzas, and sparkling water for two) came in under 200 kr!

Seriously if you are in Stockholm and want to experience Swedish pizza check this place out. What would be ideal is to order a variety and share with friends!

All of the other patrons seemed to live locally and were speaking Swedish, except for the couple next to us who were German but Mr. H said they were ordering things not on the menu (he also knows a good deal of German) so he thought they were local too.

Espresso House Stockholm

On Sunday before we took the train home we did a bit of on foot sightseeing and when we felt our energy starting to drain we decided to pop into an Espresso House we passed by. Now Espresso House is the Swedish equivalent to Starbucks which is why we went in since we were right on the edge of the super touristy old town area and we did not want to be charged super high prices for a small or subpar coffee.

Also in Sundsvall we do not currently have an Espresso House, they are to open in April where a McDonalds closed last year, so it was a treat to visit such a large and airy branch.

If you are in living in Sweden but not in Stockholm you will be surprised how nice their Espresso Houses are and if you are a visitor to Sweden they are a great stop for a mid afternoon pick me up as they sell traditional Swedish pastries as well as a variety of hot and cold beverages. This one also had free water and bathrooms which is never a bad thing!

Waynes Coffee is the other large Swedish chain of coffee shops but I prefer Espresso House but let me know which you like better!

Those were the main places we ate in Stockholm, we also had lunch at Burger King before we went to the train station Sunday but that it not so exciting to deserve pictures, and please let me know if you have questions on any of them!

Tomorrow I will blog about the places we had drinks!


23 thoughts on “Stockholm – The Food Part

  1. You guys looked like you were having fun :) I looked up the pizza salad (I’ve never heard of it before)…why is it called pizza salad? Is it normally served at pizza places or is it like how Caesar salad is here and served everywhere?

  2. I love seeing pics of you guys having fun! You’re the cutest couple!

    The sausages with mash potatoes looks amazing. In Russia there’s a street vendor called Star Dogs which sells hot dogs pushed into hollowed out bread buns with mashed potato and various other goodies. So bad, yet soooooo good!!

  3. Chain stores really are great when not wanting to risk high prices or uncertain value… I think that’s what I miss often, is just going to a familiar place. The only restaurants I’m familiar with here are burger King and McD’s… and I’m not a big fan of either.
    Those pizzas… drool! How HUGE!!!! Yum!

  4. Glad to see you had a nice time AND found some reasonable food! It’s taken us a while to find all the best local places, but once you know the neighborhoods and where to stay away from, it gets a lot easier. It’s good that you were on the lookout for tourists to avoid traps, though this time of year, it’s not so easy to find them (unless on a weekend in Gamla stan). Though, even if you’re far outside the tourist radius, you’ll almost always hear English in restaurants and other places around here simply because there’s such a huge expat community. I’m constantly surprised by how much English I hear while out and about most days.

    • I think we had an easier time being a Swede and an American being in Sweden for a long time! I was actually expecting to hear more English than we did though, even in our hotel it was mostly Swedes which I guess is fine but it would have been ok to talk to someone in English!

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