Take Time to Celebrate

Celebrate 1

How often do you hear someone exclaim they just do not like to celebrate their birthday or are all snippy about green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. It drives me crazy because life  can be a very arduous process and some celebrating can make all the difference.

So honestly if you do not like to celebrate your birthday you should still take at least one day to buy your favorite food and drinks and celebrate life.

Ok fine St. Patrick would probably not be totally happy with green beer drinking being synonymous with his name so take something like getting promoted or heck getting to work everyday for a week and celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that you have clean underwear that do not give you a wedgie every two minutes

Celebrate the fact that you can listen to your favorite song on repeat all day long on Spotify

Celebrate the fact that it is Friday

Celebrate the fact that you did not have to get a shot today

Celebrate the fact that the library book you reserved is ready to pick up

Go ahead shake your booty, have a drink, and eat that giant piece of cake

Life is ready to be celebrated


14 thoughts on “Take Time to Celebrate

  1. It IS Friday! Woohoo! Happy Dance! (I love Friday even more now I don’t work, and I don’t know why)

    I’m totally one of those people who doesn’t like to celebrate anything. My birthday was in January. We went to lunch with friends in Doha and it was only as the meal finished they became aware it was actually my birthday. I hate to celebrate for me. BUT I love to celebrate Mr Tide’s birthday and will go all out trying to make it special.

    I also refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day (even though my father is an Irishman) and all manner of other days. I’m not even a fan of Christmas. In short, I’m a grinch!

    (But I know you’re right!)

  2. I feel the same way as you! Especially about Valentine’s Day, seeing as that’s the most hated-on holiday. I have a staunch belief that if you’re a grump about Valentine’s Day, then you shouldn’t have any turkey on Thanksgiving! Today, I’m celebrating the fact that Andreas has lots of vacation in April, I get to make a cake, drink a coffee, and Theo only ate once last night! Whoooo!

  3. My husband loves celebrating the little things, which is awesome! In fact, yesterday I celebrated surviving the dentist by getting me a strawberry cream slush from Sonic—the first one I’ve had in at least three years!!!

  4. Okay, people who do not like celebrating their birthday? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Birthdays are the best. day. ever. all year I wait for it! Come on, people :) haha. Obviously I have strong feelings about this.

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