Sunday Currently – On the Verge

Spring Strawberries

Just like these strawberries we are right on the verge of full on Spring and it is glorious!

Reading: I just finished my 30th book of the year which was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It was a very powerful book and I will admit I had to take a break halfway through and read a lighthearted mystery before I could find out what was going to be the final day of the lead character. Even if you are not normally into YA I highly recommend Before I Fall as it reinforces many thoughts that even as adults we can forget.

Writing: Summer trip plans, in June we are doing a family trip and I think we all allowed more of the year to go by then we anticipated and need to start booking things before they are gone!

Listening: At this very moment Mr. H is playing Volbeat which is one of our favorite bands as a couple. I have so many memories of us listening to them and we have seen them live 3 times so they are the perfect background to a lazy Sunday together.

Thinking: This weekend has been so perfect from drinking champagne on Friday to being hungover Saturday and now lounging but also getting random house chores done today.

Smelling: Warmth, you know when it has been cold and snowy for months and then the sun comes out there is a special smell to the earth getting warmed up that is glorious.

Hoping: I will be able to bring my Spring coat with me to Stockholm rather than my winter one, well I have to winter ones a light and a heavy one and I do not want to bring either!

Wearing: No socks, haha but it is now warm enough I do not have to wear socks in the house if I do not want to and my feet feel so free!

Loving: That I get a bit more time with Mr. H now that he is at a little in between with his internship ending and his next classes starting.

Needing: Patio furniture, with the sun being out I am ready to get out and sit in it!

Feeling: Content, so many things have been clicking in place lately it is making me very happy and content.

Watching: Last night we did a catch up of Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec, tonight though I think we will go dark and maybe start the next season of Whitechapel we have not watched.

So what have you been up to this week?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – On the Verge

  1. 30th? As in, you’ve read 30 books so far in 2014? Do you count audio books too or are these all books you’ve literally read? Either way, that’s amazing! Wow. Also, strawberries! I am so excited to buy ALL THE STRAWBERRIES. I love spring.

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