Homemade Hamburger Buns by Mr. H

A few weeks ago our grocery store had tons of hamburger patties on sale so we bought a pack and put them in the freezer for a burger and beer night to be determined. Then Mr. H was going to have a whole weekend off so we started planning and while we were excited about the patties the thought of the buns at the store was not exciting at all. Every time we have bought them in the past we have been disappointed and left with a soggy mess.

Then all of a sudden Mr. H proclaimed he was going to make us hamburger buns himself. I was excited since Mr. H is a great baker but getting him to make things can be a bit of a challenge. I looked online for a recipe that looked good but on the easier side and we decided on this one from The Kitchn.

Homemade Hamburger Buns

The buns turned out amazing and while I was happy and proud Mr. H felt really accomplished to create such a great staple.

While we was making them he also said “I am nervous about yeast, it has been years since I was successful with it” and I was like umm yeah ok and then he told me about how in jr. high they taught him to make bread in school and I was like yeah school in Sweden is so different than the US!

Seeing as how it was just the two of us we had leftovers which we used the next day for breakfast.

egg and bacon sandwich

I think that maybe having them with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg was even better!

Now I need to find some more bread recipes that you can do by hand to have Mr. H make me!


13 thoughts on “Homemade Hamburger Buns by Mr. H

  1. Those look amazing! Despite all the bread and rolls here, there just aren’t ‘normal’ hamburger rolls! And how funny, that he learned to make bread at school – that’s practical!

  2. They look amazing! I might give it a go. We’ve managed to find some amazing bread here, but it gets mouldy so quickly with the humidity that we’re always throwing loads out and that feels like a waste. If I could make a few buns once in a while, we might be sorted!

  3. These pictures satisfy my food porn needs pretty well! Seriously having a Homer drool moment on my computer right now :D I’ve baked cakes, pastry, muffins…basically anything sweet but bread scares me for some reason, I think its the kneading and slamming it to knock the air out of it, you have to be really rough with it and i’m a little weakling!

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