Competition or Self Motivation?

As I have mentioned I started a post winter get in shape campaign at the end of February. Around the same time Mr. H decided he needed to start getting serious about his physical therapy, he has a problem with his right shoulder that has been going on since like 2012 but he kept slacking on doing the exercises so it was not getting better.

Since follow through can be hard, especially when it comes to physical activity, I suggested that we do a competition. We would each set a per week goal and whoever achieved their goal at the end of the month would be the winner and get a prize. It is something I had done with my mom in the past, it was wonderful the prize was a new outfit and I won, and knew that beating him would motivate me to work out everyday if that is what it took.

Mr. H however said he did not want to compete against me but himself and I was like uhhhhh what?

So he explained that he thought we should each set a goal for ourselves and pick a prize for when we reach that goal and we could both be winners and feel good about ourselves and not be angry at the other person.

I thought it over and could see his point and also see where our cultural difference came into play here but was excited to win something so I agreed (and thought secretly I would also declare myself the big winner at the end of the month).

We love Exercise

(ummm yeah it should be exercising but living in Sweden has not been kind to my grammar skills)

With Mr. H’s plan decided on we each choose our goals and prize and wrote it on the calendar that is kept on the fridge so there was no escaping it.

My goal – workout 5 x per week

My prize – 100 kr to spend at H&M – I chose H&M since they have everything from makeup to jewelry to clothes to choose from and always have clearance stuff so I could end up with like 10 lip glosses if I want

Mr. H’s goal – physical therapy routine 6 x per week

Mr. H’s prize – a steak dinner – steak is mega expensive where we live so we usually only have it for special occasions like our anniversary so Mr. H is very excited about his upcoming steak

sticker accountability

To keep track we have been using stickers for each successful day. I am the happy dancing stars and Mr. H is the gold stars, I just happened to have sheets of these in my craft cupboard and they have worked great. Even as an adult we feel so excited and proud to put up that sticker after a workout completed.

I am proud to say we are each on track for getting our prizes and I cannot wait to share with you my H&M winnings!

What would you prefer a competition against someone or yourself and what would you pick as a prize?

17 thoughts on “Competition or Self Motivation?

  1. What a great idea! I have usually done competitions against someone, but I find it ultimately more satisfying when I compete against myself. Oh and my reward would be some new nail polish (if it was a small reward) or a massage (if it was a big reward).

  2. A really great idea! I love being able to tick things off a list, or cross something off when it has been completed. This would motivate me … I will be getting back to my routine when the weather improves (which it is), so I am really looking forward to it!

    Good for you guys doing this!

  3. This is so cute! P & I should try to do this. I think he also would want us to both work for a prize than be competitive against one another, though I’m motivated either way. The prize is hard, maybe a little weekend get away or concert tickets.

  4. I think competition should always be against yourself. Always try to better yourself, or be the best you can be. You can’t measure yourself against other people – we’re all different, have different strengths, priorities and circumstances.

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