Sunday Currently – March is Here and There is Sun

March embroidery


I just finished this March embroidery on Friday and love how cheery it looks up on the wall. I think though that I will start April today so it will actually be up on the first!

Reading: Last night I started my first Agatha Christie of the year and am excited to read about how Hercule Poirot finds out who is the culprit in Mrs. McGinty’s Dead.

Writing: I love reserving library books and today I am going to do up a list of hopefuls and see if Mr. H can find them for me later and do the reserving as the library website is so confusing to me!

Listening: The weather has changed and now with the snow melting and warm (it is currently 52F out) days and sun I feel like I need to shift my music listening style a bit but I am not sure what I am in the mood for. Does that happen to you as well, like I have been listening to tons of music from the 30’s and 40’s but now I need something with a bit more spark.

Thinking: How things all tend to come together and that I am very happy to put this past winter behind us.

Smelling: Sadly my stinky feet, it seems that my favorite pair of slippers are nearing the end as they make my feet so smelly. They are so cute though so I will probably keep wearing them for a few more weeks!

Wishing: That more people buy Mr. H’s used text books, we have already been able to sell quite a few and it is so nice to get some money back on them since textbooks are so outrageously expensive.

Hoping: This wonderful weather keeps up because I would love to not have to lug a winter coat on our Stockholm trip and my trench coat is much more stylish or at least I do not look like an oompa loompa in it in pictures!

Wearing: I was feeling spirited from the weather today so I am in a leopard print maxi skirt and silky black camisole my grandma found me at Kohls.

Loving: The sound of wind blowing through the trees, we have these weird window vent things and when they are opened they really help enhance the wind sound which I just love.

Wanting: A spring weight coat, like I said above I have a trench which is great and waterproof but since I am so short it does not really work with skirts or dresses which I am so excited to finally be able to wear out.

Needing: A good house dusting, once the sun comes it is like holy crap things are dusty but dusting does not go so well with my asthma so this is up to Mr. H (yippee).

Feeling: Odd, I love the better weather but it always take me a bit to adjust to the change of seasons.

Watching: I came across Endeavour on Netflix and have watched the better chunk of available episodes, it is a prequel to Inspector Morse and is great if you have also been watching Call the Midwife to see more of England in the 60’s albeit portrayed a bit different.

What have you been up to lately and have books I should try and find from the library?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – March is Here and There is Sun

  1. I hate that oompa-loompa feeling! I had a tough time trying to buy a winter coat because I just didn’t feel pretty in any of them.
    And your embroidery looks so pretty!

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