Tea and Buns – How The Hemborgs Fika

Swedish Buns


This week Mr. H and I needed to pick up a few things midweek at the grocery store and could not resist a bit of bun buying.

We ended up each getting a cinnamon roll because they are seriously so good and sharing them is just sad, for some reason though I still cut them in half when we ate them like we were going to share and Mr. H was worried I was going to eat all mine and then try to get some of his too.

But since the buns are 4 for 25 kr we figured we should just go ahead and get 4 as it was really the only reasonable thing to do!

So we also got a toscabullar which is on the left, it was my first time trying one and it was really good and will now be on the top of my list to get again. It is a bun with a sugary glazed coating and almonds and I usually am not such a fan of nuts on my buns (hahaha) but they way the almonds were toasted made it spectacular.

The final bun I think is maybe a solbullar but I am not 100%, either way it was like an American donut and so therefore made me really really happy. I think I ate my half in two bites! And now that I am thinking about it I would probably put this one on the top of my list and eat it so fast that I was sad and would have a stomach ache.

Alright I know that some people are tea purists so they can just turn away now since I am going to talk about Vanilla Caramel tea!

lipton vanilla caramel tea

A few weeks ago they had a box of this Vanilla Caramel tea on Mr. H’s ward and he was so excited about it and really wanted me to try it. Well this week our ICA had Lipton tea on sale 2 for 20 kr and there was a coupon for 10 kr off so we obviously had to buy it since that is a hell of a good deal for tea. (this was on Thursday and then yesterday Mr. H went back and got two others for the same deal!)

Now like I said if you are a tea purist this is not for you but if you enjoy a nice warm beverage in the afternoon and also like vanilla and caramel you should try this. With a sugar cube and dash of milk it is like a tea latte, wait is a tea latte even a thing? Either way though I am really excited about it too now and found yesterday when we had no more buns and I was sad since I wanted something sweet a mug of this actually cured my sweet tooth and must be better than eating a bun right!


7 thoughts on “Tea and Buns – How The Hemborgs Fika

  1. I love tea lattes. My favorite is a London Fog aka Early Grey Latte. I first had it at Starbuck’s about seven years ago before it was an official menu item. It is an earl grey tea, with a shot or two of vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. Rooibos tea with a shot of cinnamon, a shot of vanilla, and steamed milk is another excellent latte.

  2. Those buns look so delicious… I’m fighting the temptation to run to the bakery and buy the closest thing! I’m constantly trying to find a balance between ‘we’re only living here for a few years, I have to eat as much of the bakery as possible while I still can’ and… getting too big to fit onto the aeroplane to leave.

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