A Lenten Story

girl scout picture

Me on the left looking smug much like I did for most of this story.

As I have mentioned before I attended a Catholic school Kindergarten through 8th grade and as you might guess Lent was a very big deal each year.

We were always encouraged to give up something that would help us remember Jesus and his suffering etc etc.

When I was either 7 or 8 I had a great idea for what I was going to “give up” for Lent. So when we did a craft and told our teacher what our idea was like we did every year I proudly proclaimed I would not play with any toys that were currently in my closet.

Ahhh how smart I thought I was and so pleased with the look my teacher gave me and merrily went along with my craft depicting said toys in my closet.

When school ended that day and my mom arrived to pick me up my teacher was very eager to tell her how self sacrificing I was being in the name of Lent and told her all about my no toys in the closet plan. My mom smiled graciously and then quickly hustled me into the car.

She then fixed a stare on me that only a mother can do and calmly said “So Bailie you are not going to play with any toys that are in your closet at the moment?” and I very eagerly shook my head even though her stare was a bit nerve wrecking.

Then she continued in her calm voice to say “You mean the toys that are in your closet on a shelf you cannot reach because you never play with them, those are the toys you are “giving up” to play with because you are such a good girl?”.

I was so busted, I thought I was being so clever and it lasted a whole half a school day before my mom quickly figured me out.

After that I took Lent more seriously because it seemed if my mom was so quick to figure stuff out Jesus would have been even faster and that seemed really bad!


9 thoughts on “A Lenten Story

  1. Mothers! You can’t slip anything by them. When I was about 12 I had a tin can (sealed shut) for collecting pound coins. I must have saved about 40 of a £100 target and then decided I wanted to bust into it. Using a can opener I opened the bottom of the can thinking that I could take what I wanted and just balance it on the shelf. Mum would be nonethewiser. Ha! How wrong was I?! She picked it up to see how well I was doing and the remaining coins tipped all over the floor. I didn’t know any of this though. Later that day she asked me how much I’d managed to save and I looked her square in the eye and lied. She immediately told me I was busted, but congratulated me on how well I’d managed to lie!

  2. I love everything about this story. Mostly because it sounds exactly like something that would have occurred between me and my mom. That lady had eyes in the back of her head and telepathy, I’m telling you! Also you are so so so adorable!

    • I find that Lent has a hard balance of accountability and not showing yourself to much in a boastful way but yes we could always “just cheat in private” but like you said then what would be the point in the first place!

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