The New Old Fashion I Love

This summer when I was in California we were at my parents one day and I decided I should look through my moms stuff to see if she had anything that I needed to “borrow”.

After putting on all her lipsticks and trying on her high heels, yeah my mom is way cooler than me and has high heels I was too scared to walk in, I came across a headband. I was like seriously mom a headband who uses those anymore. Then I put it on and was like O MY GOSH I love headbands.

So after all that the only thing I “borrowed” was a headband which was not really what I had gone foraging for, I was thinking a cute skirt or new makeup but I was actually pretty pleased with my find.


I ended up buying a two pack at Target before we left and have been wearing them all the time since. One great thing is that they are great for taming post hat winter hair. When we get in from somewhere I can just slide on the headband and all that hat frizz is tucked back and not driving me crazy!

I also love them because they make me feel like I have done something to my hair even when I have just done another bun.

So what do you think about headbands out of date or great?


10 thoughts on “The New Old Fashion I Love

  1. I used to wear ribbons as headbands often, but they slip out easily and so I don’t like them now in windy winter. I think that headband looks pretty good, and very useful!

  2. I love this idea! I have never really worn them since I was a child, but the designs seemed to have changed and look really cute. I am not sure if I could get away with it as my face is so huge … I will be brave and buy some too as I really need a hair tamer! It looks so good on you!

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