So Many Thoughts

Do you ever feel like you are having so many thoughts that trying to pick one thread and make it into a blog post is just beyond your grasp.

That is totally how I feel today which probably means I should get out my journal and write them down so tomorrow when I am like holy hell what should I blog about I will have an idea!

So yeah there is that and also I changed my Twitter profile picture and I really like. I feel like you are not supposed to say you really like a picture of yourself but I mean if you are putting it online to represent you in a little box you should like it right? Anyways I took it on my computer and even though there was no sun for some reason it looks like there was and when I look at it I feel like one day the grey and snow will be gone!

Photo on 2-26-14 at 2.12 PM #3

O, I also feel like if you did not know I was 28 you would not look at it and be like she is totally 28 which is always a plus to me!

In other news I have started up my winter is leaving work out routine. In winter it is so easy to have some pudge since you are covered up with sweaters and coats and scarfs strategically placed to hid your double chin but alas (and thankfully) winter is not forever and I will one day have to leave the house in a tank top so the workouts have commenced.

I am starting out easy with squats, lunges, sit ups etc in a three round sequence, ummm yeah do not know the proper workout terms for this, and will add onto each week. Hopefully this means by the time of our Stockholm trip I will feel good taking pictures and by the time we go to England in June I will be all look at me in shorts, ummm well maybe not shorts as I will still be pasty but either way feeling happy and confident.

In terms of my working out I just want to mention that I am a person that likes my curves, and has a husband that likes curves, I just like my curves to not be so jiggly. Also with Mr. H getting further and further in nursing school we are getting slowly more into being fit and healthy so as to not end up with any of the ailments he learns about.

But above all I just want to say make sure you are loving yourself and knowing what your body is and not being down because what is fit for you is not what is fit for others.


10 thoughts on “So Many Thoughts

  1. I now totally get the winter pudge/lack of exercise/being healthy that you have mentioned here, as in Ohio we have been buired under snow for a couple of months. I was getting out everyday and doing at least an hours walking and being fit when it was sunny/not snowing (I too love my curves but would also like them to be less wobbly) but I have pretty much been stuck inside as the little walkways that are around are covered in the ploughed snow and I can’t walk anywhere safely! Ugh! I think I will start a exercise thingy like you to get me started and ready for when the weather does improve!

  2. There’s a good healthy balance between fit & curvy, which is how life should be. I’m slightly on the naughty side, but it’s still Winter :D

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