Meals of the Week – Dressed Up Eggs on Bread

What Up my lovely readers?!?!!?

Ummm wait hold on

Hello everyone! I have been on a little internet vacation because the sun came out and was warm, well northern Sweden end of February warm, and that meant Mr. H and I needed to drink wine and play games of Scrabble!

We also needed to eat too though so here is what we have and will be eating this week!

Monday – Pork Ramen

Tuesday – Chicken Curry

Wednesday – Veal Papgoul – Papgoul is a thing I made up which is 1 part paprikash and 1 part goulash and is yummy

Thursday – Santa Fe Chicken Casserole – this is the first time I am trying this and is like a Mexican lasagna

Friday – Hot Dogs and French Fries – they were on super sale this week and sometimes a hot dog is just perfect

Saturday – Pizza in town – there is a pizza place here called Kermits and we have been wanting to try it since we moved here and this weekend is finally the time!

dressed up egg salad.jpg

Dressed Up Eggs on Bread

Now that Mr. H has been on his internship at the hospital he has shifts that are 2-9:30 so he will take leftovers to work for dinner but he still needs a nice lunch at home so I have been trying to make things that are filling but not sitting too heavy in the tummy.

One thing that has been great is egg salad as I can hard boil the eggs ahead of time and whip on the egg salad fast with things I always have on hand. Last time I decided to amp them up a bit and was very pleased with the results and thought I would share it with you!


3 hard boiled eggs – I use the method outlined in Joy of Cooking

Dijon mustard


Ham lunch meat


Salt, Pepper, Paprika

What to do:

Peel your hard boiled eggs and then chop them up – I used to grate them like I saw my mom doing as a kid but actually prefer the chunkier way they turn out chopped up and it is way easier in my opinion

Chop your parsley into itty bitty pieces – I often use my mini food processor for this as you do not really want big leafy pieces in your egg salad

Dice your lunch meat into small pieces

Add eggs, parsley, and ham into a bowl then add in mustard and mayonnaise gently

Season and then mix up more until the eggs are the texture you prefer


15 thoughts on “Meals of the Week – Dressed Up Eggs on Bread

  1. Mmm, I love any kind of egg on bread/toast. So quick, so easy, and so good for you!
    I also love to put egg salad (we call it egg mayonnaise in the UK) in a baked potato. Add some ham or bacon too. Really tasty!

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