Sunday Currently – Indulge Myself Day

Photo on 1-21-14 at 3.51 PM #2

Reading: I started Insurgent last night and I am having a hard time getting into the swing of the book. I think I might let it sit for a day or two and read different genre like a mystery, grey dark days are perfect for mysteries.

Writing: Recipes for my dad and poems for my brother, not all at once though since I am so out of practice writing pen to paper my hand gets really tired!

Listening: To some random 30’s Blues playlist on Spotify, I love listening to this type of music when I am home alone so much!

Wishing: It would be the end of March already so we can go on our mini break to Stockholm, we have a general idea of what we are going to do and I seriously cannot wait!

Hoping: That the weather forecast is correct, right now it says it will get to 42 F tomorrow and stay in the high 30’s all week which would be extremely awesome and wonderful.

Wearing: So when I came home from the store I wanted to take my jeans off and figured I might as well put on some pj bottoms since I am home alone! So 3 PM and I am in very cute pink plaid pj’s with a giant sweater!

Loving: That the path to the store was clear, we have had so much ice this season and walking downhill over ice to the store is not my idea of fun so today when I saw not snow. not ice, but actual paved pathway to walk one I was so happy!

Wanting: A really really good kebab pizza, the town we used to live in had the best pizza place and we are both missing it so much. We are hoping we can find something similar in Stockholm since we have not been able to in Sundsvall so far.

Needing: New sheets, so in Sweden they do not use fitted sheets and I only like fitted sheets on the bottom so right now we have one (do not worry I wash it all the time) but it is wearing thin so hopefully my grandma will bring me a new one when she visits!

Feeling: Indulgent and excited, we needed bread and milk so when I went down to the store I also bought supplies to make a meal I love but Mr. H hates (cheese tortellini in cream sauce with bacon and peas) and mint n chip ice cream! 

Watching: I am so excited I am starting season 3 of Call The Midwife later but I will need to make sure to have some tissues on me since it always makes me cry!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Indulge Myself Day

  1. First let me say I absolutely love your blog design. The colors at the top are so vibrant and different! It’s a great look and very unique. Secondly the cheese tortellini in cream sauce with bacon sounds amazing. Have you ever shared the recipe? I found your blog via Mariah at Food, Booze and Baggage. Looking forward to following along.

  2. Me too! Call the midwife is so amazing, but such a tear jerker. I’m in the midst of the 2nd season but took a break yesterday, needed a day without crying lol. But I will continue watching later :-)

  3. The sheets! I cannot, for the life of me, understand why a bottom fitted sheet is not common in Europe. Everywhere I’ve traveled, they don’t exist. They’re so wonderful! Thankfully, we’ve got a single decent one from the US as well, but definitely want to get more when I go back next.

    Oh, and I hear you on the handwriting pain. Every time I have an in-class exam where I have to write an essay, I feel as though my hand will fall off after the first few pages. My penmanship goes WAY down as I progress, and I am pretty paranoid about spelling everything wrong without that helpful little red line underneath! Perhaps I should practice… (yeah, unlikely.)

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