Things I Do When I am Home Alone

Do you do certain things only when you are home alone?

I do, like:

Photo on 2-5-14 at 1.22 PM #4

Take pictures of myself on the computer after putting on crazy makeup

Not shower until well past noon

Listen to the same album over and over and over – today it is Trouble Will Find Me by The National

Eat my lunch while sitting on the couch watching old documentaries on Netflix

If it is night I turn on all the lights, well except for the one in the walk in closet because it is scary when I am home alone

Wear things like old sweatpants with a normal new sweater, kinda a mullet outfit if you will

Go to the bathroom with the door open

Read spoilers to TV shows Mr. H wants to watch or books I want to read, if I do it when I am alone it seems like it is not cheating somehow since no one else knows

If we have ice cream I will get a spoon and take out the container scoop out one bite and then put the container back, and then come back five minutes later and do it again

Plan to make the bed but just end up reading on it instead

Paint my nails – ok so this is not weird but the fact that I only like to paint my nails when home alone must be right?

Sit on the floor and look through old photo albums and coffee table books

So come on spill what do you do only when you are home alone?


17 thoughts on “Things I Do When I am Home Alone

  1. Mr Tide is away at the moment. I’ve eaten a tub of icecream in two days (including some for breakfast this morning) and I’ve been watching documentaries on British TV all day (even though I have work to do for uni). I also read spoilers to shows. Even the shows I like! Crazy.

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