Beer Label Book Collage

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Hello! Today I am sharing a project that I have wanted to do for almost a year and finally with the prompt of anything goes art from Melyssa I did it! So thanks blogland and Melyssa for giving me the push I needed!
As I have talked about before Mr. H and I love beer and are very passionate about tasting and finding new beers. After being confused a few times if we had tried a beer before or not we decided a bookkeeping system was in order.
My grandmother had sent us some blank journals and so we picked one and went about using it.
beer book inside 1
The thing was the cover was not really saying I am a really cool book full of beer sampling notes.
So I thought what if we covered it in beer labels!
Both agreeing this was a great idea we soaked beer bottles in hot water with a dash of dish soap in the sink until they easily peeled away.
Then we let them sit until this week when I got re-inspired.
I soaked a few new bottles we had waiting to be taken to the trash and set up my supplies.
beer book collage supplies
Packing tape, glue stick, scissors, beer labels, and book
It took me a bit to get the labels in an arrangement I liked especially as a few of the labels were curling up at the edges and being pains in the butt!
When I figured out how I wanted them I carefully glued them down and then set about taping over the top to ensure everything stayed in place and the book is durable for using.
beer book final cover 2
I was so happy when it was finished and when Mr. H came home he was very surprised and loved it too!
Now for a work free weekend so we can add some beers to the pages!

19 thoughts on “Beer Label Book Collage

  1. This is awesome! I’m pretty picky about my beers- I pretty much stick to the IPAs, but my husband is a beer lover of all kinds. This would be so good for him/us to keep track of what we’ve tried and what we like! Love this idea!

  2. now I need to cover all my sketchbooks with beer/wine/whiskey labels! ill use them depending on how I feel that day haha! great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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