Lets Start Being Nice to Ourselves

loving ourselves

Ever have one of those days where you feel really down about yourself? You look in the mirror and see every flaw magnified a million times and then start comparing your life to your friends and pretty soon you are huddled under a blanket scarfing junk food and only making yourself feel worse.

Yeah you have right and I have and it is a hard cycle to break out of.

Well that is how I was this weekend. Mr. H had to work long shifts Saturday and Sunday and so I was basically all alone for the weekend and managed to get myself very down and thoroughly disgusted with myself.

Then on Monday Mr. H walked into the house and upon seeing me declared I looked so pretty today. In that moment when I was still feeling down inside his words felt enormous. He was not seeing any of the things I had managed to convince myself of in the mirror but just his wife that he loved and was happy to come home to.

It got me to thinking that so many of the things I say to myself I would never let another person say to me and how wrong is that.

I should be looking in the mirror and saying I am pretty not that my skin is bad.

I should be looking in the mirror and saying how nice I look in my outfit not that I should suck my stomach in to not look like a whale.

I should look at my life and see how lucky I am and not look at others lives and see where mine does not match.

So from now on when I start feeling down on myself I am going to stop and say if Mr. H, my mom, or even a stranger were to say that to me would I be ok with it and if not then I do not need to say it to myself.

How about you do you talk to yourself the way you want to be talked to by others?

16 thoughts on “Lets Start Being Nice to Ourselves

  1. I have been on both sides of the spectrum…the positive self talk is harder to do but much more valuable on a number of levels than the negative stuff. The negative is like a virus and I try my best to curb it the moment a thought comes into my head. You are gorgeous Ms. H and don’t you forget it.


  2. Nice way to put it in perspective by saying would you tolerate it from someone else….I like that spin on how to address negative thoughts. Sorry you had a down weekend but love you are able to refocus and look at it from a new angle.

  3. Oh, I hear you there. It happens so easily when there’s no one around to talk to (or maybe in my case I should say no “grownups” to talk to). But you bring up a very important point, and I hope you’re week is going better and that you’re seeing the positives in the mirror. =)

  4. This is such an important message. Mr Tide worked til 11pm on Friday night and I was so alone it was horrible. It made me feel totally pants! So I can see how you could feel that way too. You’re right though – it’s important to be your own best friend. Mr H is awesome – I love the love he feels for you. It shines through in your writing.

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