Meals of the Week: Leftover Chili Nachos

Hello! This week I had a hell of a time meal planning, I was not in the mood and for some reason felt like all food was too expensive and wished I could just make ramen every night. However with Mr. H being at the hospital doing his nurse thing I need to make meals that will fill him up when he gets home and will make good leftovers for the next day. O and then I wanted to come up with some fun meals for this weekend and basically just stressed myself out which is just silly but it happens!

I finally came up with this meal plan and then when we got to the grocery store the ribs I had planned on buying and having on Friday were not what I imagined from the picture in the ad so now we have no plan for Friday or Saturday.

Jessica Lynn Writes

Monday – Pork Medallions, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Onion Gravy – yeah this has been on the menu for like two weeks but I finally made it and it was wonderful

Tuesday – Carbonnade Flamande – this is a Belgian beer and beef stew I am going to try out

Wednesday – Lasagna – yeah this was also on the menu for last week but by the time I was going to make it on Saturday I did not have enough milk for the bechamel sauce

Thursday – Chunky Beef and Bean Stew with Rice

Friday – Maybe eat out

Saturday – Who knows

Sunday – Pork Smothered Burritos

chili nachos

In our house leftovers really reign supreme and I love coming up with new ways to use the odds and ends in the fridge at the weekend.

Now I love chili on nachos but never want to make a whole pot of it to just make nachos so whenever we have some leftover this is usually my plan of attack.


Tortilla Chips

Shredded Cheese

Hot Sauce – optional

Chili – one with beans is best in my opinion



Sour Cream / Creme Fraiche / Gräddfil

What to do:

Preheat your oven – the temperature will really depend on your oven but I normally put ours at 175 C

Layer chips on the bottom of a large baking dish

Dash hot sauce over chips

Ladle over heated up chili

Sprinkle cheese generously over chili, hot sauce, and chips

Repeat till you have filled your baking dish

Bake until the cheese on top is very melted and the rest of ingredients are heated through

Pile on your plate and then cover with thinly sliced lettuce, salsa, and sour cream / creme fraiche / gräddfil

This is a meal I love to eat and is great for hangovers! What is your favorite nacho topping?


16 thoughts on “Meals of the Week: Leftover Chili Nachos

  1. I’m very proud of my ability to cook with leftovers. The other day I made stuffed peppers and used the left over rice in an omelette the next day. Mr Tide said it was ‘weird, but good weird’ so that’s a winner. I hate the idea of a) wasting food, and b) wasting money so I try to get creative wherever I can.

  2. Hubby and I are having nachos today! Hurrah! He has chilli on his and I just have salsa, cheese and sour cream – love the idea of adding lettuce too! Yum!

  3. We meal plan too (mostly because Saturdays are kinda the only day the grocery stores are open when my husband ..and his car…are off work), but yours puts ours to shame, girl! Monday is droolworthy! That’s actually exactly the type of nacho that I would concoct ;) Let’s see..this week we’re doing Quinoa Pizza Bites, Mac n Cheese (lazy night), and Lentil Veggie Soup (we’re big fans of the two night size dinners!)

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